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Costume Only

  • Appears in the " Costume" section of the arsenal
Accessory Positions
  • Helmet Side
  • Helmet Front

The Chapeau is a costume.



An aged, feathered hat that once belonged to a Knight of the Rose, a sacred order of brave and especially dashing heroes whose numerous adventures are the subject of many folk tales. The Knights of the Rose were said to be peerless fencers, believing that their blades were like the flowers of their name: a delicate thing of beauty that hides a vicious sting.

Available Styles

Chapeau comes in a variety of color styles, while maintaining the same Cavalier shape:

Available Color Styles

Icon/Style Image Acquisition
Black Rose
Rose Regalia Energy Bonus
Red Rose
Rose Regalia Energy Bonus
White Rose
Rose Regalia Energy Bonus
Blue Rose
Rose Regalia Redux
Green Rose
Rose Regalia Redux
Gold Rose
Rose Regalia Redux
Coral Rose
Rose Regalia of the Featured Auction
Violet Rose
Rose Regalia of the Featured Auction
Moonstone Rose
Return of the Rose Regalia
Malachite Rose
Return of the Rose Regalia
Garnet Rose
Return of the Rose Regalia
Amethyst Rose
Rose Regalia Reappears
Citrine Rose
Rose Regalia Reappears
Prismatic Rose
Rose Regalia Reappears


The Chapeau is part of the Cavalier Set:


A News image for the Rose Regalia.


  • This item has a modified, built-in prismatic feather that seems to constantly sway in the wind.
  • These items always come in a set with a relevantly colored Tabard.
  • Naming: Chapeau of the Color Rose. Examples: Chapeau of the Coral Rose, Chapeau of the Blue Rose.
  • Lore is associated with the Flourish weapon.
  • The Chapeau costume was first made available to players during the Rose Regalia Promotion. Since then, this item has been re-introduced in new colorings several times. See the Rose Regalia page for details.
  • "Rose Regalia Reappears" items were announced as "Reappear!" on the main website, but the items for "Reappear!" were available from a Rose Regalia Returns Prize Box - so, the Box has "returned," for the second time regarding "getting Regalia stuff from boxes", but considering all promotions (not just boxes), the terminology can be confusing. For clarity, visit the Rose Regalia page for names of specific "Rose Regalia" promotions and methods of acquisition.

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