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Teamplay or no play

Guild Founder: Mytagforhalo
Approx. Population: 140
Guild Master(s):
Guild Officer(s):
  • File:Flag(Japan).png Rhea
  • File:Flag(Canada).png Larpu
Website: Steam , Radio , Forum , YouTube


About Exalt


Exalt is defined as an act of praise, glorify, honor, and dignity, as well as holding someone in very high regard. We at Exalt see ourselves as a group of friendly, devoted people. We mostly enjoy doing Clockworks runs, but a few of us also enjoy playing Lockdown and Blast Network regularly. (We also play Guild Lockdowns and Guild Blast Networks on rare occasions.)

Exalt is an active yet serious guild. Guild Masters and Officers are online regularly and so are most of the members. Ranks and promotions are awarded to those members that have earned them not just based on skill and equipment, but also by their personality, participation and dedication to the guild.

Exalt is populated by players all around the world: both guys and girls, both young and old, both skilled and in-training, both talkative and quiet. Overall, we all share the same kindness and warmth for each other: we are a little online family over one hundred strong.

We at Exalt are a helpful bunch. We always try to teach and support our friends in both battle and equipment selection. We also provide video tutorials on how to pass the tests and how to handle several monsters in the Clockworks.

Exalt occasionally hold events, contests and competitions within the guild--all organized amongst ourselves--and are typically great guild activities that we all enjoy. Not only do we play Spiral Knights, but we play many other games together. Games we have played in the past include Minecraft, Terraria, Team Fortress 2, Worms Revolution, Portal 2, and Civilization V.

Most importantly, we are all here for the fun of it: enjoying Spiral Knights with a friendly group of people. If you like what you read so far, and if you haven't found that perfect little commune for yourself, maybe Exalt is the answer. Read on about how to join!

How To Join

All nice and mature people are welcome to Exalt. Before you join, please read the Guild Rules and Standards below. All knights of any rank and / or experience level are welcome to join Exalt, all you need is to ask an Officer or Guildmaster. Don't be afraid of messaging them.

Guild Rules and Standards

Please note the following guild rules and standards:

  • Exalt's #1 rule is to be nice to and respectful of your fellow guildmates and other Spiral Knights players. Do not do anything that can bring the Exalt name down or get the guild in trouble (e.g. insulting or making fun of others on runs or PVP, being rude, etc.). Act maturely and take note of the following rules and standards to ensure a healthy environment in our guild. Any malicious activity reported to us will result in appropriate action being taken
  • Our guild's main information source is this web page: the Exalt wiki page. Please bookmark and regularly visit this page for the latest guild news and activities. In addition, if you have any fan art or screenshots that you'll like to submit to our Wiki, please inform a GM or Officer to get it added! Our guild's wiki page's guild info box at the top has links to our other websites:
    • Exalt Forum is the place where we organize our events while also allowing you to post or reply to any discussion topics of interest. If you wish to organize an event (e.g. a challenge, a competition, or a get-together), you may use this forum. You may also want to consult a GM or Officer for advice or to post a notification on the Wiki about the event.
    • Exalt Steam Group is a private group where we regularly voice chat and sometimes play other Steam games with each other. Contact an Officer or Guild Master for an invitation once you join our guild!
    • Exalt Radio is our Plug.DJ room for anyone to party! You can listen to music by the active DJs, or show us your taste in music by being a DJ.
    • Exalt YouTube is the place where we post tutorial videos on our promotional tests and defeating tough monsters.
  • Guild Chat - Feel free to use the guild chat (using the guild chat command: /g) to present yourself when you join and for any topics that you would like to talk about. Please bear in mind that there are young peoples in the guild.
    If you have any questions on equipment, or if you want to request others to join your or their party or Lockdown/Blast Network team, or if their anything troubling you, feel free to ask via the guild chat or private chat. Be wary that the person or people you ask may or may not have enough experience to yield the best advice or best assistance in your Clockworks run. Typically, members with high guild ranks may help you more in your situations. (In case you are too weak to join a mission, but you were invited, you must warn the party leader that you are under-equipped so he or she can give you the green light to join. Please do not send out random invites to guildmates for runs unless you are sure they don't mind.)
  • Report Indecent Behaviour - If you feel that you were mistreated or if you witness someone acting indecent, please contact an Officer or Guild Master (via private chat or mail) and give a detailed explanation of what happened. Do not feel shy to ask for help. Help make your guild a better place.
  • Storage - Donating materials and equipment is always welcome. If you like to donate, please store the items in a Storage rather than putting them in the Treasury (as items in the Treasury cannot be removed). However, taking items from the storage is only allowed for personal use--for yourself and only yourself! Selling anything from our storage is strictly forbidden!!! If you take expensive materials (over 1K crowns in value) or a big lot of materials from the storage, please repay with a 20% discount. (Payment via crowns to the Treasury or other equipment/materials to Storage is accepted.)
  • Energy Well - Taking energy from the guild hall's energy wells is allowed, but has to be repaid from each batch immediately by mailing crowns to Oten-Mist (Ndcoten's alternate character). The amount of crowns to be mailed is calculated using the formula below. (× denotes multiplication. - denotes subtraction.) Please view the examples below. The current price for 1 CE will change over time, so please use the CURRENT market price in your calculations.
<Amount of Energy taken> × 0.9 × <Current crowns price for 1 Energy> - 100 (for mailing costs) = Crowns to Mail
If you take... ...and the market price is... ~ Eng Taken × 0.9 × Crowns for 1 Eng - 100 = Crowns to Mail
100 Energy 7,000cr per 100 Eng ~ 100 × 0.9 × 70.00 - 100 = 6,200
  • Guild Hall Design Mode - Every veteran or higher is allowed to use the design mode. Try out your ideas, make screenshots, and show your work to the Officers and GMs. When you are done, please make sure that you return everything back to where it was before you started, as when the game has its daily reboot, the hall automatically publishes. (Remember, the guild hall belongs to all members of Exalt)

For the remaining rules and standards and situations not listed here, please use your own discretion to take the best course of action. Keep in mind that we wish to maintain a friendly and mature atmosphere at Exalt and that everyone have a fun and enjoyable experience.

Membership Policies

Members who haven’t been online for a while might get removed if the Guild has no room for new Recruits. Lower-ranking, inactive players will be removed first. If you are a returning player and have been removed from the Guild, you should get in contact with someone from Exalt to get re-invited and we will do our best to make more room for you.

If a member leaves Exalt on his or her own terms and did so in a nice manner (with no insults or raging), he or she is welcome to rejoin and take his rightful place at any time. If a long time has passed since then, he will rejoin as a Recruit or with a slightly higher ranking.

Guild Promotions and Tests

All guild members have an associated ranking with them within the guild. These rankings are the only ability / skill orientated part of our guild, and are determined by various factors, including time in the guild, capability in the clockworks and activity within the game. Guild member rankings are currently dictated by Officers and Guild Masters, who will decide when to award promotions in the ranks. As such, please respect out decisions in the rankings and do not beg for a promotion or a change in rankings. That said, also please do not take lower rankings as an offense to your abilities.

Recruit Rank
The Recruit rank knights are those who have only just recently joined our ranks and have become an Exaltian, filled with potential and ready for adventure.
Member Rank
A knight with a Member rank is respected in Exalt. Being a Member means you have proven yourself as a nice person that can handle yourself in battle. Be proud of yourself; you have just become a Member in a group of good people.
Veteran Rank
A Veteran is very skilled, well equipped, and honored among the Guild which makes them model guildmates. General attributes of a Veteran are knowing how things work in Spiral Knights well, having a wider variety of gear, a longer time player, or a respected knight in the Exalt community
Officer Rank
An Officer is chosen by the Guild Master(s) if and when there is a need for one, whether there is a shortage of active Officers or we require Officers in different time zones. (Do not be surprised if a Veteran quickly becomes an Officer in a time zone where there aren't any active Officers online.) Because of the level of selection we apply to our members, we end up with so many people that are Officer-material. Therefore, we ended up having to raise the bar very high in order for a member to become an Officer.

An Exalt Officer is a servant of his fellow guildmates, a protector, and teacher. He or she is also just another guildmate, but a guildmate that is working in their gaming hours to make sure other members enjoy being in Exalt for a long time. This is why we honor our Officers so much.

Among other things, an Officer needs to be skillful and knowledgeable about all types of enemies, and are capable in the most extreme of statuses and conditions.

Guild Master Rank
Guild Masters are a supreme honor given to a distinct few who have tried so hard and worked so much for this Guild that they end up caring more for the actual well-being of their guildmates than the game itself.

Guildmasters are the ones who run the guild with the support of their Officers

Also note that we will certainly not tolerate any form of discrimination among rankings.

Exalt Roster

Below is a list of everyone who is currently in the guild.

If you or a fellow guild member is not in the list, is in the wrong rank section, has changed his or her nick (using the Knight Name Change Pass) or wants to include his or her country, feel free to correct that by editing this section or notifying Sir-Plumbledoor through in-game mail. (Please be patient for changes)

Guild Masters :

Officers :

If you are a returning officer who has been demoted, this is most likely due to a large time of inactivity, please contact Sir-Plumbledoor if you wish to resume Officer duties

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