Guardians of Mearth (Guild)

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Guardians of Mearth
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Those who call themselves pro die.
Those who survive are the pros.

Guild Founder: Kilinz, Araugon
Approx. Population: 100+/150
Guild Master(s):
Guild Officer(s):


This website was last updated on the 26th of July 2015.

Icon Map Shield.png Ranks and Promotions:

Now, the reason we don't want just anyone to become a Veteran or Officer is that we are afraid of sabotage, removing all guild members, wasting all the money in the guild treasury...etc, Now that means that becoming Veteran, Officer and Master will be hard. Here are the ways to rank up in the guild.

Equipment-Padded Cap icon.png Recruit – Just message one of the guild Officers or Masters and they will invite you as soon as possible. Even ask a Guardian of Mearth member and they will pass the word on to higher authority.

Equipment-Sentinel Helm icon.png Member – We practically just give this rank away without much work, just play for a week or more and prove yourself by activeness.

Equipment-Woven Firefly Sentinel Helm icon.png Veteran – Be inviting to newer players and help them out, eventually we will take notice and give you this rank.

Equipment-Plated Firefly Sentinel Helm icon.png Officer - Help the newer members out a lot and donate frequently so as to show that you care about the guild.

Equipment-Sacred Firefly Wraith Helm icon.png Master – This rank will not be given away to players in the guild unless they prove themselves worthy of such a rank on multiple occasions.

Rules and Guildlines:

1. Keep guild chat clean. Please avoid sexually harassing or swearing in /g chat. However you can swear out of guild chat if you want however just keep it clean guardians.

2. Remain active. Being Guardians of Middle Earth we need to stay active and alert so we will guard Middle Earth. We clean ALL the inactive guild members four times a year. Once in February, June, October, and December. But don't worry we do send out Guild messages informing you about the cleaning. If you did get removed from our guild just message one of the guild master and they will re-invite you. If you were on holiday or away just message a guild master.

3. Show respect at all times, especially toward officers and Guild Masters.

4. Don't be a beggar(constantly begging and being annoying) However you may call help on your guild mates and ask for some crowns.

5. Help Newer Members There are other people in the guild and players newer to the game need help. Don't call them idiots or fool, they will get better with time.

6 If a Guild Master feels that you are being disrespectful and/or annoying to an excessive degree, you will be kicked from the guild.

Guild Hall Rules:

Gate-Treasure Vault.png Guild Treasury: Although members are not required to pay any upkeep, we encourage and appreciate your donations and rely on them for the weakly upkeep and improvements to our Guild Hall. We will try to organize events every few weeks and all crowns made during this event will go to the guild.

Icon-furniture.png Furnishing: Furnishing for the guild may be purchased by any Officer once the required crowns and materials have been met. Veterans are not allowed into Design Mode without the permission and supervision of a Guild Master or an Officer.

Equipment-Wolver Cap icon.pngGuests: Our Guild Hall is generally open to the public. Remember, your words and actions are representative of our guild, so please be polite to visitors.

Equipment-Sentinel Helm icon.pngGuild Storage: Guild storage is for the most part for sharing items to members of lower rank.

Icon-Crown.pngTop Donates!

Place		Name	         	Amount-donated
First		Kilinz	 	        370,000
Second		Sunname	         	350,000
Third		Cybeline	 	10,000
4		???	                0
5		???                     0
6		???		 	0

Final words

Message Kilinz in game for more information.

I would love for anyone to join and if you are interested just in-game message.
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