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La entrada al Salón de Entrenamiento Avanzado.

El Salón de Entrenamiento Avanzado está situado en Haven, en la parte oeste de la Plaza del Pueblo.



The training hall provides a more extensive explanation on the obstacles and items Knights will encounter in the Mecanismos. The hall is divided into three portions, one for each specific aspect of the Mecanismos. The west portion of the hall deals with consumables, including fuego, crowns, and vials. The north portion deals with various blocks, including switches and buttons. The east portion deals with various environmental hazards, including spikes and status ailing grates. Further towards the east are two practice areas, both that demonstrate the use of jars and escudos.

The Salón de Entrenamiento Avanzado is an excellent location for Knights to experiment with their equipment, although the strength of the higher-tiered gear in the hall will not be reflected in higher-tiered depths.

Archivo:Advanced Training Hall - Entrance.JPG
La entrada interior del Salón de Entrenamiento Avanzado.


The entrance to the Salón de Entrenamiento Avanzado begins in Haven, in the Town Square near the exit to the Bazaar. When a Knight first walks into the hall, there will be a main desk in the center of the entire structure. Any Knight can ask the attendant as to what he or she should expect or find in each section of the Salón de Entrenamiento Avanzado.

Ala Norte

The North Wing of the Salón de Entrenamiento Avanzado pertains more to the basics of Exploración: Blocks, Explosive Blocks, Crystal Blocks, Switches, Buttons, Gates, Statues, and Pressure Plates. This wing of the Salón de Entrenamiento Avanzado explains the basics of gameplay, and shows the more common strategies that may need to be performed within the Mecanismos.

Nota: Certain gates have a glitch that allows a Knight to "ride atop" them and leave the Knight hanging. It can be a fun game to play when bored, but occasionally can upset the launcher and cause the game to reload.

Ala Este

The East Wing of the Salón de Entrenamiento Avanzado involves more aspects of the Mecanismos, allowing a Knight to learn about jars, shields, traps, and status effects. There are also regenerating enemies, shufflebots that allow for good and easy practice for beginning Knights. There is a Healing Station with Heart Regenerators if a need arises for health.

It is possible to "die" within the Mecanismos, but revival is free and only require a push of the space bar or action key. (a notification will appear on your screen if this occurs as well).

Archivo:Advanced Training Hall - West Wing - Vials.png
Práctica de viales en el ala oeste.

Ala Oeste

The West Wing involves pick-up items such as Vials and Capsules, and also introduces Heat, Crowns, Vitapods, and Treasure Boxes. There is an area where enemies regenerate, which a good area to practice use of guns or vials. This wing displays to Knights what certain items look like, and gives examples of each item.

Unlike the Mecanismos, the Salón de Entrenamiento Avanzado is not only a great place to be able to practice a Knight's skills and learn the basics of Spiral Knights, but offers a wonderful place to simply enjoy the company of other Knights. Like with the Mecanismos, this area allows knights to "Solo" and give the opportunity for private training. The Salón de Entrenamiento Avanzado offers something for every Knight, and there is always some new strategy to learn here.

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