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The creation and development of Spiral Knights can be credited to the SK team at Three Rings and Grey Havens.


  • Nick Popovich
  • Jordan Collie
  • Chris Lum
  • Steve Butler


  • Mark Johnson
  • Andrzej Kapolka
  • Ray Greenwell
  • Sylvain Royer
  • Lars Harrison


  • Ian McConville
  • Cory Sponseller
  • Shawn Parkhurst
  • Joshua Gramse
  • Ned Hugar

Music and Sound Effects

  • Harry Mack


  • Tom Schofield
  • Daniel James
  • Michael Bayne
  • Kim Boyd
  • Chris Olson
  • Kim Rogers
  • Haruki Satomi

Additional Design

  • Rob Shirai

Additional Engineering and Operations

  • Nathan Curtis
  • Jamie Doornbos
  • Matt Jensen
  • Greg Sutter

Additional Art

  • Rick Keagy
  • Sean Keeton


  • Morten Lauritsen
  • Jessica Nunn
  • Deb Erskine
  • Kirsten Doescher

Clockworks Confidential

Clockworks Confidential is a series of mini-interviews with members of the Spiral Knights team taking place through the Spiral Knights forums.

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