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Spiral Knights controls include gamepad support.


Gamepad support for navigating user interfaces is still in-progress. A keyboard and mouse are still needed to play the game.

Getting a Gamepad


  • Many "for windows" gamepads are available with Windows drivers.
  • Microsoft also sells a wireless USB dongle to allow the use of a standard Xbox 360 controller.
  • The wired Xbox 360 controller will work immediately after plugging it in.

Mac OS X


Provided the gamepad is recognized by Linux in /dev, it should work. Special controllers, like the Xbox 360 gamepad, may need extra work.

xboxdrv is a Xbox/Xbox360 gamepad driver that works in userspace

Configuring Movement

Controls can be configured via the Options menu. Hit the Escape key, or access Options through the drop-down menu in the top-left of the main HUD.

  • Do NOT use the relative movement commands — Move Fwd, Move Back, Move Left, Move Right — unless you want "tank" controls.
  • Instead, use the absolute movement commands further down the list — Move North, Move South, Move West, Move East.
    • Most typically, these movement commands will be set to the left control pad or analog stick.
  • Be sure to also set the FACE commands. While movement will only affect your character's movement, the face commands determine which direction your knight will face.
    • Face commands are Face North, Face South, Face West, and Face East.
    • For a 3rd person action layout, similar to Zelda games, set the Move and Face commands of the same direction to the same input. So, set Move North and Face North to both use Up on the left control pad/stick.
    • For a twin-stick shooter layout, similar to Geometry Wars or Robotron, set the Move commands to the left control pad/stick, and the Face commands to the right control pad/stick.
  • Analog trigger buttons can be tricky. Ensure that you've correctly captured a positive motion, like "rz+" (not "rz-").
  • Other buttons may be mapped to the Quickslot items or to toggle windows.
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