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Consilio Et Animis

Guild Founder: ~
Approx. Population: 60

About Us

We are Armistice: a tight-knit, family-orientated and supportive group of knights who enjoy traversing the Clockworks together. Through generosity, kindness, strength and determination, we seek to make a positive difference in the Spiral Knights community!

Guild Rules & Policies

Member Expectations

All Armistice members and knights seeking to join the guild must abide by the following rules:

  1. Be considerate and courteous to everyone, including members and non-members.
  2. No begging - it is an undignified action. This encompasses anything from asking for crowns, energy, materials and spare equipment.
  3. Be an active member (come online at least once a week, or preferably more often) and contribute to the guild community. To "contribute", one will participate in guild chat, guild meetings, runs and events, and assist fellow guildmates if needed.
  4. Donate regularly. While we have a voluntary donation policy, donating demonstrates a willingness to contribute to the guild, which is held in high regard. We will require funds for upkeep, expansion and furnishing, as well as any ongoing guild projects.

Guild Discipline Policy

All members of the Armistice are to conduct themselves in a courteous and honorable manner. Violation of behavioral conduct may comprise of:

  • Verbal abuse: put-downs and insults, shouting, swearing
  • Inappropriate or offensive speech: lewd or suggestive comments (this is a family-friendly environment), discriminatory slurs (be they against race, gender, religion, sexual orientation etc.)
  • Begging: asking for free crowns, energy, materials or equipment
  • Freeloading: dying during combat and refusing to revive until the end of the level to collect rewards, leaving all the work to teammates
  • Harassing fellow guildmates: stalking, pestering, constantly demanding for attention
  • Unsolicited party joining/invites: jumping into parties without asking to be invited beforehand or sending unsolicited party invites
  • Abuse of member rights: taking more materials from storage than what is strictly needed

If a guild member violates any of the above guild policies and/or the Terms of Service laid out by Grey Havens, the following consequences will occur, as per the "Three Strikes, You're Out" system:

  • 1st violation: A warning will be issued, either verbally or via mail
  • 2nd violation: Demotion to Recruit rank. If the offending member is a Recruit, she/he will be removed from the guild and a letter of dismissal will be issued.
  • 3rd violation: Removal from guild with letter of dismissal.


  • In conjunction to the "Three Strikes, You're Out" rule, after 30 days of noted good behavior, one strike will be removed from the offending member's file.
  • In the event of conflict with another member, guildmates are encouraged to attempt resolution with each other before consulting an Officer or Guildmaster. Though not required, evidence (i.e. screenshots) can be presented to speed up the internal investigation process. Please note that Officers and Guildmasters can only handle issues within the guild and cannot help with disciplinary action against non-guild members.
  • If a member feels that they've been unfairly judged, they can appeal by sending in-game mail to Officers or Guildmasters explaining the issue that occurred. Evidence must be submitted, either in the form of screenshots or testimony from another player in the vicinity of where the issue took place. If the appeal succeeds, the strike placed on the member's file will be removed.

Inactivity Removal

Guild members who have not been active for 2 months or longer will be removed from the guild. If a guild member will become inactive due to real life circumstances, she/he must inform an Officer or Guildmaster of when and how long she/he will be away. A position will be reserved for her/him.

No-Alternate Policy

Unless extenuating circumstances apply, alts are not permitted in the Armistice. Any alts that find their way into the member list will be summarily removed.

Member Requirements and Promotion Criteria

Member List

Last updated: 03/28/18


February 22th - Founding Anniversary

Picture Gallery

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