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without shape but with form

Guild Founder: Gibberishly & Mushy-Bucket
Approx. Population: 78


Who We Are

Shapeless is a friendly, community based guild open to all tier players. Arcade runs, boss token collection expeditions, danger missions, shadow lairs, PVP; We do it all. Add to that a chatty group of guildies, frequent events, and an ever changing guild hall and you've got Shapeless.

Interested in joining us? check out our recruit page: The recruitment page!

Founding Guild Masters



"I'm one of our Guild Masters at Shapeless. I do frequent runs, T3 LD, love SLs, and am always lurking on the Guild Forum. I usually fit the mood of the time, silly or serious. I love meeting new guildies, no matter the rank or skill. I also enjoy Guildhall features and stuff of the sort. Author of "The Story of Shapeless" (on our forums). Hope to see you all soon."

Mushy-Bucket, otherwise known as Mushy or Mush, is one of the two original founders of Shapeless. He is a dedicated player of Spiral Knights and a knowledgeable one at that. He enjoys nothing more than a few too many rounds of Tier 3 Lockdown with some friends and guildmates. Something he enjoys even more is a good old chat about something, whether it be the game itself or what was on the news last night. Mushy loves wolvers for their cuteness and despises jellies because reasons. Outside of the game, he specializes in lurking forums as well as using SpiralSpy. He also has an abnormal love of Snarby.



"Hey! I'm Gibberishly, aka snipe lover, aka omg cute kitty-kat looking thing, aka person who keeps hanging up no-eating-snipe-signs (stop taking them down!!!). I frequent the arcade, t1 lockdown, danger missions and of course, snipe watching. Many of the guild events are by me. Now excuse me, I need to go make more snipe signs."

Gibberishly, popularly called Gibb, is the Snipe Queen. A true leader, the title isn't a fake. Gibb is your go-to knight for any and all questions. She is a reliable player who fails at letting you down. She's a excellent bomber and expresses this skill on every depth you play with her. Outside of runs, she is as fun as can possibly be, and keeps things exciting. Gibb has great skill at crafting engrossing and enjoyable events and contest that help you meet people. She is also an avid fan of Tier 1 Lockdown and jumps in on any match she sees. But most of all, she loves SNIPES... and some kitties too.

Icon-social-mp.png The Community

The Shapeless community is defined a group of friendly players of all Tiers, Rank, skill, and level. Such things do matter, and thus everyone gets along. The chat is friendly to people of all ages and can contain inviting conversations. This expands onward to our well-used forum, that features many subforums and categories to browse and post in. All of our Guild's rules are posted there, as well as all of Gibb's exciting events! It is also home to Mushy's The Story of Shapeless and the The Story of Shak, which is a forum game to some extent. These stories are posted in a subforum for other submissions such as hand-drawn drawings, stories, SpiralSpy works, and things of that nature. The general chat is home to all manner of posts, from questions to discussions. There's even threads tracking progress on things such as Boss Statues or other savings.

Icon-shield.png The Guild Hall

Our Guild Hall features Rain in the Cooling Chamber theme. All the of the left-side rooms are available for 9,000 crowns a week and can be shared with up to three other people. The space between the ramps and other rooms have been dubbed Alcoves and can be rented with three other people for 6,000 crowns a week. The War Room is also available for rent, at 12,000 crowns per week. Beyond room rentals, our hall features services such as crafting, a well-stocked member storage, and the auction house. Boss statues are also being created to accompany a decent amount of other furnishings. Donations are not required until you are of Veteran rank. In addition the Energy Well system is no longer supported, due to the patch that removed mist and the 20% bonus on energy donations.

Defense increased.png Promotions


Starting rank for everyone. No tier or gear requirements.



1. Create a forum account on our forum and ideally post a few times so that we can get to know you.

2. Be in the guild 1-2 weeks

3. Fill out the short application under "Promotions".


Veterans are expected to help out the guild and be role models for the newer members, by answering questions, going on runs with others and being active on the forums. Requirements:

1. Be in the guild for a month or more.

2. Have donated 10k to the Treasury, and be willing to occasionally donate to the guild. (Suggested donation is 2k a week).

3. Have gone on some runs with other guild members and/or participated in some guild events.

4. Fill out the application under "Promotions".


Officers are expected to keep the guild running. We'd love for our officers to help out the guild by hosting events, donating, organizing PvP, assisting newer members with difficult missions, or whatever you'd like to do to help out. Requirements:

1. Been a veteran for month or more.

2. Donated a minimum of 40k to the Treasury, and be willing to frequently donate to the guild continuously. (Suggested donation is 4k a week).

3. Fill out the application under "Promotions".

4. Do not just expect to obtain this position even if you surpass all requirements. This is a staff position and we only need so many staff members.

Guild Master

The GM spot is by hand-picked invitation only.

Defense decreased.png Rules

  • Do not spam, beg, or annoy people in our chat or guild hall.
  • Promote a good guild image. Essentially, don't beg or spam outside of the guild or be obscene.
  • Keep our chat as clean as possible, though a few words will fly.
  • Respect staff, their choices, and don't argue pointlessly with them.
  • Keep our forum relatively clean.
  • Do not beg for an invite or join somebody's party without asking.
  • Do not pester someone to revive you or join your party.
  • Do not take from the storage without putting something in.
  • Do not use the storage for personal profit.
  • Do not cheat at events.
  • Notify us if you are going inactive for over a week.


Failure to comply with our simple rules can and will result in:

  • A warning from the staff.
  • Termination of your forum account.
  • Demotion in our guild.
  • Kicked from the party (If you are causing problems in it).
  • Disqualified from events or banned from events for a certain/infinite period of time.
  • Kicked from the guild.

Furniture-Energy Well icon.png Events

Shapeless hosts in-guild events for our guild members frequently(prizes included). These include forum based events, such as trivia or screenshot gathering contests, as well as events ingame with everyone online, such as speedruns and PvP maches. (If your name is listed here and you don't want it listed here, please mail Gibberishly ingame and your name will be taken off our hall of fame!)

Upcoming Events:


Current Ongoing Event:


Previous Events:

Snarby Speed Run (Aug '13)

Winners: Nsfian & Gib

July Challenge: Roarmulus Twins Shield-less Run! (July '13)

Winner: Volkani

The Great Spiral Knights Scavenger Hunt (May/June '13)

Find as many of the challenge items as possible!

Winners: Volkani, Neloxa, Fally

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