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Hello! please do not edit here. You might have landed here through a link, that's fine! But something likely needs fixing where you were. Want to help the wiki? Check out:

Can't help enough? Really addicted to being useful? You might also want to check out:

The "Maintenance Reports" section of Special Pages (linked to in the "toolbox" section of the wiki navigation panels)
Articles Needing Work - a category for all wiki things that editors feel need to be updated but may or may not be super duper important.
You might also want to view Wiki Requests to see if you can help with those issues, but most of these are usually things that only Admins can resolve.

Want to help but just don't have time? Want to make sure you don't forget when you come back later? Add one (or more!) of the following template tags to the pages and/or sections you feel need some love:

{{stub}} - for articles that could use more information if possible, usually these are just too short for comfort.
{{Update|REASON(s)}} - for articles and sections that are out of date and really should be updated ASAP
{{Needs updating|REASON(s)}} - for outdated and/or low quality images, put this on the actual file page of an image needing updating.
{{???}} - stick this anywhere there is a small bit of missing information, like "this item costs ??? crowns."

There are others who can help - these tags help editors like you find these things to do too.

Some templates will automatically add pages to the "Articles needing work" category if they have important entries that are blank.

It really helps to leave a short summary in the little "summary:" box at the bottom of the edit mode page too.

Cradle is always changing, and the wiki must adapt to these changes - it needs our help. Have fun!

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