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Icon status fire.png Fuego

Icon status freeze.png Congelar

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El Fuego is a status condition that causes periodic damage to the victim. When a burning knight tries to throw an offensive vial, the fire may break the vial, causing it to be wasted. Fire wears off after a few seconds. Fire can be cured prematurely with a Remedy Capsule. Fire may be cured by getting splashed with a water orb. Fire and Freeze cannot co-exist on the same entity: whichever was applied last will remain.

Although fire damage ticks are red, like normal damage, fire damage falls into the category of environmental damage and thus is not affected by any damage resistance. Only fire resistance reduces the damage, duration, and infliction chance of fire. Like all other statuses, specific species independent of monster families have varying degrees of resistance to fire. For example, Gremlins display a high resistance, while Zombies and Ice Cubes have very low resistance.

Unlike damage from shock, fire damage is not affected by poison on the victim's end, and cannot be prevented by shielding.

Oil Slicks

A field of pristine oil slicks.

Oil slicks periodically dropped by Oilers or released from Oil Jars can catch fire. They become a temporary floor hazard if set on fire, and burn up after several seconds. Oil slicks can be set on fire by:

  • Ground-based fire attacks from other enemies (Gremlin Scorchers, Red Rovers, Salamanders)
  • A flaming Oiler's attack
  • Adjacent flaming oil slicks
  • A Fire-inflicted player or enemy passing over an Oil slick
  • A fire jar
  • Charged shots from the Firotech Alchemer series (The oil only catches fire if the shot disappears over an Oil slick)

As such, an unprepared party can quickly be overwhelmed by a few Oilers and a Red Rover or Scorcher.

Oil Slicks Venenosos

A field of pristine poisonous oil slicks.

Poisonous Oil slicks periodically dropped by Toxoils and Giant Toxoils can catch fire too and can be set on fire for the same circumstances that the normal Oil Slick. Fortunately, these types of slicks can be seen in the Danger Mission: Compound 42 only. It can cause poison too.

Mapas de Peligro

Fire Grates y Shadow Fire are stationary hazards which can cause fire status.

Enemigos Temáticos

Fire-themed enemies are usually immune to and may inflict fire status.

Infligiendo Fuego

Spiral Knights can inflict fire on monsters by using fire vials or barriers against them, throwing fire vases, and using a weapon that has a chance of inflicting fire.

Resistiendo Fuego

The following armor sets grants knights resistance to burning attacks:

The following escudos will protect against fierce, flaming foes:

The following bagatelas carry knights through the fiery furnaces of the Clockworks:

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