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Como tal, el contenido que se describe sólo está disponible durante el evento.
Official Artwork of the Apocrea event. Featuring the Apocrean Harvester

Shroud of the Apocrea is a Prestige Mission that became available with the 2013 Dark Harvest Festival. The date of this event has been:


Shroud of the Apocrea on the Mission Interface.

Description: Several capable knights have gone missing in a seemingly normal area of the Clockwork Tunnels. Spiral HQ suspects foul play and has assigned you to investigate the level.

Objective: Investigate the area of the Clockworks where several knights have gone missing.


  • None

Apocrean Sigils can be exchanged with Lost Soul (Merchant).

Pasadizo Embrujado

Gate-Clockwork Tunnels.png

In this level, you enter a normal Clockworks Tunnel level with an undead theme. There is a party button after the first room and/or branches. Standing on it will bring up the gate behind you, but the gate in front of you will not open. The minimap will become staticky and then tentacles will come up out of the floor and kidnap you, ending the level. The next level is called Obsidian Nexus.


El Nexo Obsidiana

Gate-The Obsidian Nexus.png

After get trapped, your party will be in a strange dimension where knights can strategize and gear up for the adventure to come. Don't be afraid to talk with the Lost Souls of the zone, they can give you information about the place and selling you materials for Apocrean Sigils. The next four depths are chosed randomly between Haunted Passages, Infernal Passages, Arenas or the new level: The Grasping Plateau.

La Meseta Prensil

Gate-The Grasping Plateau.png

Knights start in different points of the level, the minimap is also covered by static (similar to Unknown Passage), the Apocrean Harvester will chase a random player of the party a few seconds and resolving the different puzzles in this level, you can get 10 Apocrean Sigils or an Obsidian Shard.

Clues and Puzzles:

  • Breaking the gravestones may spawn Pale Scarabs, Freezing Bombies or Freed Souls.
  • There is an unlit candle with ice spikes, find the fireball elsewhere to light the candle and a Frozen Deadnaught will appear.
  • There is a ritual with purple lines on the floor, walking on the lines will make a key and three Devilites appear.
  • There are four Trojan statues around the level, breaking them may spawn a key or a living Trojan.
  • There is a locked golden gate, with an arcane symbol on the ground behind it. Find the key.
  • There is a mound of skeleton heads, when you walk up to it will spawn Grave Scarabs. Upon killing them a key will spawn.
  • There are three candles of different colors, step in front of them in the correct order to solve the puzzle. A large tombstone with three candles on it found elsewhere in the level will reveal the correct order. If you activate the candles out of order, it will cause a damaging explosion and reset the puzzle.



Gate-The Obsidian Nexus.png

In the last level, you can see the ritual of the Lost Souls being released, knights can trade their Apocrean Sigils for materials with a Lost Soul again before taking the elevator to finish the mission.


  • You must be at least Rank 4-1 to access the Shroud of the Apocrea mission.
  • Successfully completing Shroud of the Apocrea solo is very difficult and it is advised you attempt this mission with a party! Additionally, your party will LOCK after using the elevator in the Mission Lobby.

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