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Aeonic Doom
GuildLogo-Aeonic Doom.png

Proelium futurus - Become the Battle

Guild Founder: Stormface, Pronto-Za, Yia-Unreal, Myrtle
Approx. Population: 23
Guild Master(s):


  • Stormface, Pronto-Za
  • Yia-Unreal \n
  • Myrtle
Guild Officer(s):
  • Hitsublast

Guild Summary

We are a friendly, helpful and fun guild who value politeness and activity over which tier a member has (or has not) achieved access to. Our membership is international in its participation – we have members from countries including, North America, The United Kingdom, South Africa, Australia and Romania. Whatever time-zone you are in – it is likely a fellow Aeonic Doom guildmate will be online.


Unlike some other guilds, our recruitment process has always focused on quality over quantity. We do not recruit players who are previously unknown to us (i.e. we do not spam invites). The only way a player can become a member of Aeonic Doom is for one of our members to have met you in-game and to have spent some time running the clockworks with you and getting to know you a little. Afterward, that member may pass on your name to an officer or GM and request a guild invite be sent. Such requests will usually be honoured, unless the potential recipient is previously known to us as behaving in a manner that would contravene our guild rules. To receive an invite from Aeonic Doom should therefore be considered a privilege in itself.

For this reason our number is increasing at a slow but steady rate. However, due to the selectivity of the invite process, we have a very low rate of member departure and our our members tend to be mature, knowledgeable, friendly and willing to converse over guild chat. As well as discussing SK, our members have been known to talk together on topics including philosophy, music, games, books, the Internet, cars and film.


Many of our members are active participants in the SK forums. We routinely venture to FSC, JK and IMF and we have also been known on occasion to take newer players in our guild down to meet the dreaded Snarby. We encourage our members to help one another develop as players – Examples of such efforts historically have included, explaining how to make best use of the AH, giving away unwanted weapons, crafting recipes, giving mats (or selling at discount), lending or giving away CE or crowns, exchanging game strategies and tips and getting together on guild runs. Some of our members also enjoy blast network, although we do not expect members to participate -- we respect the fact that different players enjoy different aspects of the game.

Guild Rules

  • 1.Do not partake in any activity in-game that might bring our guild name into disrepute. Such activities include scamming, spamming, trolling, bullying, harassing or otherwise irritating other players (note sending numerous unsolicited trade-requests also counts in this category).
  • 2.Be polite in guild chat – and remember that some of our members are under 18 years of age (i.e some topics of conversation may be inappropriate - use common sense here).
  • 3.Although we encourage our members to help one-another in game, do not expect as a given that you will automatically be provided with items, ce, crowns or time from other guild members – It is entirely at each individual member's discretion whether or not to give these things. As a general rule-of-thumb, the more you put in to the guild, the more others begin to recognise your efforts and are willing to help you when needed.
  • 4.Do not harass other guild members for invites while they are on runs – One request is enough, more than this can be off-putting. If you receive a reply from a player stating that they do not wish to invite you to their party, do not then proceed to then say, "please/pl0x/plz/pls" or any other derivative; ask "Why?"; start giving reasons for why you feel you should be invited, e.g. "I am really good at [Stratum theme/Boss name]" or, "I just need another 2K crowns to buy this new weapon". Just take the answer as "No" and respect your guildmate's wishes.
  • 5.When on a run or blast network game, do not repeatedly invite other guild members. One invite is enough. More than this is considered spamming. In a similar vein to rule 4, if a guild member does not join from your invite, you must accept the fact and move on without harassing them.
  • 6.If you expect to be away from the game for any extended period of time, you must contact a GM or officer to let them know (otherwise you may be removed from the guild for inactivity).

Guild Ranks

  • Recruit: These are players who have been recently recruited into the guild on a probationary trial basis.
  • Member: These are players who have been recruits for some time and have shown themselves in the opinion of the GM's and Officer(s) to: (a) be an active player (b) regularly and frequently take part in guild chat, (c) follow guild rules and (d) have displayed willingness to participate in guild activities and to help in the development of the guild and/or its members.
  • Veteran: This position is reserved for very long standing members of the guild. Veterans will be experienced and highly knowledgeable about the game, reliable and suitable role-models for members and recruits.
  • Officer: The fact that any member of the guild can request a new recruit be invited means there is no need to create a large number of officer posts within the guild. An officer of Aeonic Doom is therefore considered an extremely active, knowledgeable, diligent and helpful guild member. They will (in addition to meeting the requirements of member and veteran positions) have made outstanding efforts to contribute both strategically and materially to the guild and development of guild members. GMs will elect officers as deemed appropriate and when positions become available (i.e. it does not follow that every member will eventually become an officer). Officers should be considered by veterans, members and recruits as akin in standing to GMs in terms of seniority.
  • Guild Master: The guild masters (GM's) are the original founders of Aeonic Doom.


The following recipes can be crafted (please supply mats, ce, cr, unbound precursor weapons). Often 1*/2* items can be purchased in the Auction House more cheaply than it would cost to make them (including UV's). For this reason we strongly recommend you check there first. Not all items listen on this page can be crafted up to 5* - Always refer to alchemy paths first.


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