Alone in the Dark/Gate Map

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First Floor:
Gate-Generic Lobby.png
Name: Mission Lobby
Depth: 0
Level Link: This mission's lobby is standard.

Second Floor:
Gate-Candlestick Keep-Galvanized Gloom.png
Name: Pitch Black
Depth: 24
Level Link: This floor is composed of random Candlestick Keep: Galvanized Gloom segments.

Third Floor:
Gate-Cooling Chamber-Haunted Passage.png
Name: Out in the Cold
Depth: 25
Level Link: This floor is composed of random Cooling Chamber: Haunted Passage segments.

Fourth Floor:
Name: Final Resting Place
Depth: 26
Level Link: This floor is composed of random Graveyard: Where Monsters Fear to Tread segments. Special: It has a nameless Lost Soul of Almire at the end.
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