Angles Of Haven (Guild)

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Angles Of Haven
File:GuildLogo-Angles Of Haven.png

Get them before they get you...

Guild Founder: Lavamanguy
Approx. Population: 2
Guild Master(s):
  • Lavamanguy
  • Angles-Of-Haven
Guild Officer(s):
  • No Officers


Angles Of Haven was created in 2011. We are a serious PVP and PVE guild. We are a 4*-5* Guild and we have many celebrations.

How To Join

All you have to do is to mail me ingame and we can arrange a time of inspection. To join the guild you must meet the following requirements:

-Must have a 3*+ gun that deals elemential or normal damage.

-Must have 4*+ Armor and Helmet.

-Must have 4*+ Sword.

-Must have 4*+ Bomb.

Please have all of these materials/items ready BEFORE inspection to maximize the chance of getting in.

Rank Requierments

Member - Have 4,000+ Prestige or be at least Defender

Vetran - Solo Jelly King WITHOUT REVIVES and has been playing for 6 months+ OR obtain the materials "Nightmare Mane", "Sun Silver", "Celestial Ore", AND "Everfrost"(These materials WILL NOT be collected)

Officer - Solo Vanaduke With or Without revives(2 Rev MAX) OR be voted upon by GM and current officers.

Guild Master - The Highest and most rare rank can be obtained only by being voted upon by current gms.


The guild will have meetings once a month in the guild hall. You are responsible for attending these meetings at the exact time specified. Meeting may be cancelled. If meetings are cancelled, a main in-game will be sent out to all premium members.

Non-Premium members are toatally fine! But as a Premium member, you can get much much more! Premium members MUST pay 1000 CR/Month.

So, What do Premium members get??? Premium members get the following things:

-In-Game notifications about important guild events such as guild meetings, birthdays etc.

-Acess to a special discussions for premium members only.

-Birthday Celebrations.


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