Aurora Isles

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Aurora Isles
Gate-Aurora Isles.png
Important stratum themes:
  • Sky Island Skirmish
  • Traversing the Aurora Isles

Arcade only:

Rank Mission Only:

Obsolete (Beta Only):

The Aurora Isles is a region. Regions categorize levels with similar characteristics that have been incorporated into the Clockworks.


From atop mysterious floating islands, sun bleached ruins crumble under a false sky. Though the green grass and cool air feels real enough, the ever present grinding of the machine just below the surface is a constant reminder of this world's mechanical skeleton. — Gate Icons


  • Each level map is fixed.
  • When accessible via the arcade, levels are always found in a rotation of 4 with each other in the depth they occupy. Rotation time seems to always be 2 minutes or less. Compared to other levels, they are a rare sight in arcade gates.
  • The background is a day sky dome with sun bulbs.
  • The Aurora Isles and Starlight Cradle share a similar soundtrack.



  • release 2011-04-04: Levels of this region have been available for exploration since launch.
The Sea Petal Pass level (part of the Firefly Gate) was not released with the game's launch.
An encounter with the obsolete Jelly Green Giant monster was also not released with the game's launch. Its fight room can still be seen, but not accessed.[1]
  • release 2013-07-30: Removal of the 2-2 rank mission "Skies Under Cradle", which showcased this set of levels.

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