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Official Bombhead frosty.png
Guild Founder: Thorfinns & Gatoss
Approx. Population: 100
Guild Master(s):


Guild Officer(s):


Guild informations

Guild's name

Bomb.png Bombheads

Question book-new.svg.png History of the guild

The guild was founded on 24th April of 2012. The founders were Gatoss and Thorfinns.

Gatoss and me (Thorfinns) were guildmates for more than 2 months. When an event occurred in our old guild we got disappointed when we saw old players don't respect newbies. We left that guild and we decided to make one that will be friendly and respectful to all of their members! We started to search a good name for the guild, we had some ideas (like Otobots from transformers) but in the end the best name came up! The guild was named Bombheads because we love bombheads! Slowly the guild started to grow. Now we have over 50 members most of them are tier 3! After many months (from the foundation of the guild) we continue to be active and fight our way to the core!

About-us-Menu.png About us

  • We are a friendly guild who respect all our members.
  • We like to do runs together in all bosses as well as playing Lockdown :)
  • Most important thing for us,is to have a good,friendly community.
  • We are not for the fame or the prestige.
  • Its on the free will of every member to donate or not!


  • We use Discord in order to communicate.Ask officers and above for the link in order to join.

S-l96.jpg Laws of guild

1. Respect all of your fellow guild mates.

2. Do not beg. Begging will result in an immediate kick from the guild.

3. When in need for help before/during a mission, first ask a member to join you. Do not invite OR join without asking first! If you invite without asking you will be demoted!

Αρχείο λήψης.jpg Ranks

Few words about ranks.

  • Reqruit is a knight who joined the guild but we dont know yet if he fits in the guild,so for 10 days he is in a test period
  • Member is a knight who behaved well in the guild and he is loyal.He has access in member storage,he can take part in the guild matters and finally the opportunity (if he wants) to become Veteran
  • Veteran is a knight who wants to contribute more to the guild and for that reason to be promoted in that rank he need to accomplish Guild Missions as a member.He has access in member/veteran storage he can vote in Guild matters and help in Designing the Guild hall
  • Officer is the core of the Guild.He spends most of his time in Guild matters.He can invite new members.He takes part in serious matters like removing a member who harmed the guild.

HKRny.png Promotes

  • Member: to become a member you must be in the guild at least 7 days and have 3 star gear.
  • Veteran: to become a veteran you must be a member,have at least full 4 star gear and be in the guild for quite some time.Moreover by helping other guildmates and donating to the guild shows that you want to contribute more in the guild.
  • Officer: to become an officer you must help (whenever you can) other members with their runs (not the same people but all), be an active player who cares about the guild (giving new ideas for the guild help the newbies), have gear for tier 2 lockdown, participate always in guild lockdown and finally you must be suggested and voted by the Guildmasters and the existing officers. The duties of an officer is at least to donate per week 5k cr and recruit at least 1 player per week.

Tip: Dont ask for promotions! The Gms (Guildmasters) and the officers are active enough to know who deserves a promotion!

Clark-howard 154952783.png Demotes & Deletes

  • You will be demoted when you violate 3rd law (about inviting/joining without asking first)
  • You will be kicked when you violate the 1st & 2nd laws (about begging and disrespecting other members). Furthermore, if you are demoted to recruit and violate the 3rd law twice, you will be kicked.
  • If you are inactive over a month without telling a guild master or officer, you will be kicked. If you are kicked and you do not know the reason, pm the officers or Gm's and they will explain (mistakes such like miss-clicking may happen, so communicate with us)
  • If you are an Officer and you are inactive over a week without warning the Guildmasters or the rest officers then you will be demoted to a Veteran
  • If you are a Veteran and you are inactive over 15 days without warning the Guildmasters or the officers then you will be demoted to a Member

Icon-join.gif How to join

Just pm to our Guildmasters. We get all tier players as long as they respect our rules. We kick only when they are not respectful of the rules and when they are inactive (3 weeks or more without a warning).

Clipart-newspaper-8a72.png News and announcements for Guild members

  • We have a third Gm now Handbreaker! Handbreaker is the oldest member in the guild except the founders (Gatoss & Thorfinns). He showed love and loyalty to the guild and as a result he awarded with the title of Guildmaster.
  • We have new officer Undead-Lurker Congrats
  • A new officer (10-9-2012) Angelatzo! Another precious member who will help you!
  • Alterx is our new officer (6-10-2012) Congrats mate!
  • A new officer (12-12-2012) Faullboy! Congrats!!!
  • A new officer (17-12-2012) Lolyna! Congrats!!!
  • Handbreaker retired from the spot of GM (3-1-2013)
  • Undead-Lurker is our new Gm congrats mate (5-1-2013)
  • Soon we will get the Hunter Lodge room :)
  • We obtained the Hunter Lodge room :)
  • Construction on 3rd Floor
  • Supercarlo is our new officer congrats mate!
  • We got the Spooky theme and Mist environment!!!
  • We got the 150 members expansion!!!
  • We have a new Guildmaster Alterx congrats mate!
  • We created a new room! The Bombastic Bar(BB)
  • We have the accessory room!!
  • We have a new officer Ethermie!
  • We have the Krogmo room!!
  • Our new Gm is Supercarlo
  • We got a new snarbolax statue!
  • Kataclysmic Event!
  • We have a new officer! Xcurvex-Beast! Congrats mate!
  • We start to play Guild LD organized and the results were amazing!
  • The guild is back again!
  • We have a discord group!Ask officers and above for the Link
  • The guild population grew!
  • We expanded the Guild hall
  • New Jelly medium statue,one more to make the Big one!
  • Added new Guild Missions!

Inactivity list

Its a list with members who cant play because they have studies/vacations or other important reasons Every officer and above who wants to remove members due to inactivity must see the Below list and keep these members on the guild.

Contests.png Bombheads Upcoming events

  • Costume Event:It ll be a constest of costumes! The player with the best costume wins the title and a prize. (You must participate with different costume every time) The event will take place on -(Sunday) on-Gmt - AM Here is a link for Gmt time

Award.jpg Bombheads Awards&Wall of Fame

(send photos to GM that shows you that you completed the challenge or ask him if he has time to watch you as you complete the challenge to award you with the Bomheads Awards. Your names will written here next to the awards)

Gate Icon-Fiend.png
Monsters' weaknesses & damages

Monster Type Damage Type Weak To Neutral To Strongly Resistant To
Gate Icon-Slime.png Slime Family Attack piercing icon.png Piercing Attack shadow icon.png Shadow Attack elemental icon.png Elemental Attack piercing icon.png Piercing
Gate Icon-Beast.png Beast Family Attack piercing icon.png Piercing Attack piercing icon.png Piercing Attack shadow icon.png Shadow Attack elemental icon.png Elemental
Gate Icon-Gremlin.png Gremlin Family Attack elemental icon.png Elemental Attack shadow icon.png Shadow Attack piercing icon.png Piercing Attack elemental icon.png Elemental
Gate Icon-Construct.png Construct Family Attack elemental icon.png Elemental Attack elemental icon.png Elemental Attack shadow icon.png Shadow Attack piercing icon.png Piercing
Gate Icon-Fiend.png Fiend Family Attack shadow icon.png Shadow Attack piercing icon.png Piercing Attack elemental icon.png Elemental Attack shadow icon.png Shadow
Gate Icon-Undead.png Undead Family Attack shadow icon.png Shadow Attack elemental icon.png Elemental Attack piercing icon.png Piercing Attack shadow icon.png Shadow

Recipebox icon.png Recipe wishlist

If you want a recipe ask our officers and above for Discord group Link.A channel there exists where you can request a recipe!

Messagebox info.png Ideas

In this section our members can post their ideas they want to see in our guild. The Guildmasters and the officers will take them into consideration. Ps: post your name to see whose idea was.

  • Add to the Recipe Wishlist section: If you have purchased a recipe, as per someone's request, please put your Knight's Name in square brackets beside the recipe eg. Zenithbreaker: [Thorfinns]. This means that Thorfinns has the recipe you have requested and you should contact him, to purchase the recipe. This should prevent multiple recipes from being purchased. -Zenithbreaker
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