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NPC: Knight
  • Informant
Primary Location(s):

Bosco is an NPC.


This character has items most similar to:

Icon-usable.png Dot eyes, Yellow personal color

Icon-helmet.png Similar to a Stranger Hat with no attachments. An alchemy (or Unique Variant) symbol is visible in front of the headlamp.

Icon-armor.png Similar to a Spiral Brigandine with a prismatic Barrel Belly and a prismatic Vitakit attached to it.

Icon-shield.png None.

Icon-sword.png Bosco wields no weapons in Haven. He seems to carry a Wrench elsewhere.


This character has been in the game since ???.

Bosco inform the player about alchemy.

When you encounter him in the Bazaar, he will be working on a Mecha Knight for "expeditions," which indicates he is probably a researcher.

When you encounter him later in the 9-4 Hall of Heroes, he seems to have fixed the Mecha Knight.

This NPC's name means "forest" in Italian and is used as a surname.



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