Brothers of Eternity (Guild)

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Brothers of Eternity
GuildLogo-Brothers of Eternity.png

Forever, As One

Guild Founder: Winterslodier, Skinnypete, Frostshadow, Thuris, and Necromus
Approx. Population: 15

The Philosophy

  • Nights that harvest life...
  • Lights that revive the weak...
  • Flames that send out warmth...
  • Frosts that seal and protect...
  • Storms that energize the weary...
  • ...Even if they are all so different,
  • They can still go, hand in hand,
  • Forming something quite grand.

...We'll need all the help we can get if we are going to carry all these qualities. We may succeed or we may fail. Like all things, we'll fall one day, but we won't give up. We are Brothers of Eternity.

About our Brotherhood

Brothers of Eternity is a guild with a lot of variety! Each aura, that is to say, Frost, Storm, Fire, Life, and Dark, has its own role inside and outside the guild. (See the next section for more info.) In addition, ranks are also important. You cannot be promoted past the first rank until you have an aura, but you can still participate in the guild despite that. There are (or will be) 5 Guild Masters and 5 Officers, one for each aura. The Officers take the title of Guild Master in the case that the Guild Master leaves the guild, and then he choses another Officer.

Although each aura has its own goal, we are still all in it together! As one guild, we are to aid each other whenever we can.



Fire is the Aura of heat and flame. It represents passion, strength, bravery, and courage. Knights of Fire tend to have a good sense of pride, confidence, and the ability to be a leader. Fire is a powerful aura specified on aggressiveness and damage, but must be used wisely or it can cause devastation to allies and wielders.

Roles: PVP


Life is the Aura of nature and light. It represents goodness, peace, and joy. Knights of Life are social, nice, and caring. The Aura of Life focuses on various methods of healing and assisting, helping their friends and saving them from the most dire of situations.

Roles: Recruiting, Event organization


The Aura of Darkness is the Aura of shadows and death. It represents negativity, sadness, and evil. Knights of Darkness are quiet, serious, and troubled. The method by which the dark get past obstacles varies to the user, each their own way of using the shadows. But despite what method, it is all for the same cause...

Roles: Shadow Lair dive management

Dormant Auras

These auras currently lack members. They will be revived in due time. Until then, other auras will carry their responsibilities.

Member List

Guild Masters are listed in bold, Officers are listed in cursive, and Veterains are listed in normal text.




BoE Links

We have other pages and sites which will have some different content on them. Note that some content on these sites may only be viewed if you are logged in. (Mainly the forums.


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