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Corpse Corp (Guild)
GuildLogo-Corpse Corp (Guild).jpg

'It is me who believes in you who believes in yourself'

Guild Founder: Danbyn
Approx. Population: 20?
Guild Master(s):

Head Guild Master: Axenred,(AND) Dreamsage (Editor)

Guild Officer(s):
  • (NONE ATM)
Website: (NONE)(Besides this)


  • Corpse Corp is a guild that enjoys the game and loves to socialize with the spiral knights community. Were are here only of pure enjoyment of the game in which we don't take things so seriously ( like other guilds =P ) of course when it comes to abusive language, spamming, begging etc , were all against that. We love to go on countless runs improving not only our performance in the game but our spirit as well. Were just here to have FUN =D

Corpse Corp's history

  • Our guild was originally founded by the third greatest leader that ever lived , Danbyn. For unknown causes , our once great leader had to resign the role of Head Guild Master (in which he will be greatly missed) to Axenred and Dreamsage in which he they are the leaders with the help of his fellow members. We have been in the game for almost a few year now , accepting awesome players in our guild and progressing extensively in the Spiral world.


  • Worship our lord Danbyn (lost lord of Corpse Corp)
  • ABSOLUTELY no habitual begging.
  • Be considerate to other players (remember you're representing Corpse Corp as a whole).
  • Respect your superiors.
  • Never abuse other Corpsians for that will result in permanent boot to the face#
  • Always be loyal to the cause.
  • Be as mature as possible. :D:D:D::DD:DD::D:D:D:DD
  • Recruiting members must be approved by two members (GM'S are exempt to this rule) and also promotios ubove veteran must be approved by guild masters.
  • Be as awesome as possible at all times
  • Any kind of racial or homophobic slurs will punishable by boot to the face#
  • Don't kill the leader :) (Acept in Lockdown)
  • Always try to help players in need no matter what the cost. ( unless someone begs you for 1 mill cr or ce :P )
  • #: Permanent ban
  • herp derp derp


  • Epic
  • Super Epic
  • Missed
  • Has Deca's sword!
  • Is more Epic
  • Greatly Missed
    • Super Freaking Epic, and Missed
      • Left Corpse Corp to Dreamsage, and Axenred

Recruitment and Ranking


If you wish to join Corpse Corp you are more than welcome to contact the Guild Masters listed in the guild info.


  • Member: To become a member you must be fairly active.
  • Veteran: To become a veteran you must have made an effort to socialize with the guild by doing runs, conversing and finding new friends within the guild.
  • Officer: To become an officer you must have a very friendly and semi-open relationship with not only high ranked members but also ones of equal or lower ranks, you must also be eligible to carry out Tier runs(preferably appropriate equips for RJ or RT.) Also you must have alot of trust and respect gained by high ranked members as you are now able to perform promotions/demotions.
  • Guild Master: To become a guild master you must be taken into consideration for eligibility by the Guild Master; Dreamsage

Derp Gallery


== Residing Editor: Dreamsage

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