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Arsenal icon for costumes.

A Costume is an aesthetic item. It does not have combat statistics like Helmets, Armor, or other gear. Most are randomly obtained from Prize Boxes.


Currently, costumes only come in the form of "helmet" or "armor."

Once acquired, a costume can be equipped from your arsenal - they're in the "costume" arsenal tab. Armor and helmets with combat statistics can be equipped as costumes from their own arsenal tabs (if they are equipped as costumes, they don't factor into your combat abilities). Costumes have no effect on your abilities in the field. Like armor and helmets, many of them have accessory slots.

Like other items, a costume will bind when equipped. Unlike other items, once a costume is bound it cannot be unbound.

Costumes are often released in commemoration of an event or promotion. Some of them are expiring costumes (celebrations come and go), but most of them last forever. There are several costume sets as well as single "hats" and "suits" and so on. Many costumes come in several colors, such as the Field Cap, or "forms," such as the Scale Helm vs. the Iron Dragon Helm. It can be difficult to find what you're looking for due to this variety, which only increases as the game updates and we discover more about Cradle. Below is a list attempting to organize this variety.


Editor Note Below is an elaborate sortable list. This show/hide contains information about how to use the list efficiently.

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