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Crown Royale
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Guild Founder: Bristalla
Approx. Population: Not updated

About Us

Welcome to Crown Royale's Official SK Wiki page!

Having been established since 23rd January 2014, we do not aspire to be the best guild in SK. Instead, we are just a bunch of friendly gamers brought together by similar interests and loving personalities. We are constantly working hard to improve and expand the guild, so do keep a lookout for us!

As of now, we are still recruiting active and friendly players from everywhere. If you are interested in joining us or any enquiries, do not hesitate to drop a mail in-game to either one of the Guild Masters (Bristalla or Omnomnomz). We will be sure to reply you as soon as possible!

Guild Roster

~ This list serves to depict an accurate representation of the Guild's roster up till the last update of this page.
~ For more information about ranks and promotion criteria, see below.

Guild Rules

  • Treat each other like family and what this means is that no one gets left behind.
  • Anyone who leaves the guild will never be allowed back in.
  • Friends of members who would like to join must be interviewed by the Guild Masters first.
  • You must contribute AT LEAST HALF the crowns applied to your rank. Guild Masters will keep track.
  • Anyone who is stirring up trouble with other guilds will immediately be banished.
  • Promotions will be given to those who prove loyalty, trust and respect to everyone over a period of time. Do NOT BEG to be promoted.
  • The treasury will be handled only by the Guild Masters unless permission is granted to members.
  • If any guild members is giving you trouble, you may file a complaint or concern to the Guild Masters through mail.
  • When a meeting is called while guild members are online, they MUST attend. Early dismissal may be granted if asked for.
  • NEVER discriminate a guild member for their ethnic, language, religion, etc. It's okay to joke, but any form of harassment/ bullying is not allowed.

Guild Ranks & Promotions

~Promotion is given only to members who prove loyalty, respect, trust and give contributions over a period of time. These group of people are also selected by the GMs accordingly.
~Friends of members who wish to join will have to be approved by GMs before entering.

Recruit: Basically joining the guild will get you to this rank.

Weekly Contributions

~As a form of contributing to the expansion of our guild, each member is required to give a specified amount of crowns to the guild treasury weekly and according to their ranks.

  • Recruits: 500cr/week
  • Members: 1000cr/week
  • Veterans: 1500cr/week
  • Officers: 2000cr/week
  • Guild Masters: 3000cr/week


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