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Dies Irae
GuildLogo-Dies Irae.png


Guild Founder: Dwoiwode
Approx. Population: ~180
Guild Master(s):
  • Biotyrant
  • Boredpnoy
  • Breadhead
  • Colliu
  • Drax-Xlr
  • Dwoiwode
  • Fierokk
  • Fitztek
  • Gerardodigital
  • Noomad
  • Realmcutter
  • Skepticraven
  • Sundaisy

Website: http://diesirae.totalgamehost.com/
Last updated - October 29, 2017

[MESSAGE] From Sundaisy: Dear fellow guild members, please see the "discussion" tab above; thank you.
[MESSAGE] From Skepticraven: Ohai, did someone want a guild page update? 

About Us

[Preparing for the Armageddon...]

We are looking for dedicated, active, and mature players who are in search of a fun and lively guild.


Dies Irae was started in the summer of 2011 when Blackbearr was looking to join a guild. He and his newly found teammate, Dwoiwode, decided that–-with so many guilds to choose from--it would be fun to make their own guild. With a bit of name brainstorming, Dies Irae (Latin for "Day of Wrath") was born!

Recruiting started by word of mouth--mainly by Dwoiwode running around the marketplace (aka Haven) looking for anyone and everyone interested in joining a guild--and, as the numbers grew, admittance became a bit more selective.


  • To enjoy ourselves


  • Recipe Scavenger Hunt

If you need help finding a recipe, one of the officers or GMs can help you find it and offer it based on Basil's price.

  • Material swap

Don't have the right materials? Swap out some for the same star in our guild storage!

  • Meet incredible players

Hang out with some amazing Dies Irae members and gain/learn something new.

  • Awesome Guild Parties

It's always fun in a guild.

  • Nonsense fun at the Advanced Training Hall (ATH)

Whether it's trying to set other guild members on fire or trying to stay on top of a gate, expect barrels of laugh!

  • Themed Arcade Runs

What happens when 4 snarbolaxes run a dauntless delving run? Is normal damage really useful? How many statuses can fit on all the enemies at the same time? These are the questions we try and answer.

Getting to the Ranks

List of Members
Guild Masters Officers Veterans Members Recruits
  • Biotyrant (inactive)
  • Boredpnoy (derpy 3rd in command)
  • Breadhead
  • Colliu
  • Drax-Xlr (the pirate)
  • Dwoiwode (excessively handsome)
  • Fierokk
  • Fitztek
  • Gerardodigital
  • Noomad
  • Realmcutter
  • Skepticraven (has more gunner armors than you)
  • Sundaisy (2nd in command/unofficially retired)
  • Appie-Appie
  • Blackbearr
  • Celebor
  • Fire-Of-Neutrality
  • Flamingosftw
  • Gold-Ringer


  • Polkiujm
  • Sarahjean
  • Sunhammer
  • Zfjsdhfs
  • Ahmedxxss
  • Ammelia
  • Amy-Wolf
  • Aroush
  • Bat-Boy
  • Chaloux
  • Cobaltcaptain
  • Dark-Fire-Vanaduke
  • Formablespore
  • Heiwa
  • Henene-The-Second
  • Isabel-Peculiar
  • Kizer
  • Professionals
  • Ripogenus
  • Solanales
  • Trancoz
  • Antarctika
  • Anzx
  • Aoi-Heart
  • Asdjke
  • Azzy-Dreemorr
  • Benkea
  • Bohono
  • Cometgetorix
  • Coolie-Dude
  • Crystal-Pen
  • Cyrianfirenze
  • Danithirteenx
  • Darkxseth
  • Deathplanet
  • Derpyshadowz
  • Die-Knight
  • Eldhin
  • Fkpojkghiijhu
  • Gabrielng
  • Gamahimer
  • Genericdoctor
  • Golden-Peace
  • Halahoor
  • Harpaa
  • Hiroshi-Sakuragi
  • Hungryrox
  • Junhao
  • Keenlamperr
  • Lord-Dark-Surge
  • Lunotek
  • Luumeeh
  • Marisel
  • Mases
  • Megamikebx
  • Mike-Jackson
  • Mikunight
  • Miturdooms
  • Monkinmanik
  • Mretrokid
  • Myredfox
  • Najzekoo
  • Ndte
  • Nich-Krane
  • Nightmareluna
  • Ninkasi
  • No-Nickname-Needed
  • Nongmin
  • Parasiticpuppet
  • Phantomxcalibur
  • Phynxed-Majik
  • Popeks
  • Riftlocker
  • Rqewefdafn
  • Saevios
  • Sama-Chan
  • Scarlet-Project
  • Screamcat
  • Shadow-Jr
  • Shear-Force
  • Shining-Star
  • Snarbolaxia
  • Spike-Yoyo-Knight
  • Spritefan
  • Stunstark-Il
  • Sundeiru
  • Swag-The-Mohawk
  • Takoyaki-Kun
  • The-Square
  • Theblindsaint
  • Thejoshloke
  • Torii-Dreemurr
  • Tristanblazes
  • Undeadreaperhunter
  • Varcos
  • Whatsu
  • Woodgrain

(Typically only a recruit for a week)

In order to get promoted, you must remain an active player and be considerate of others.

To become a Guild Master: You must display epic-ness and commitment to the guild!

To become a Officer: You must be voted to officer status by at least 4 current officers.

To become a Veteran: Be helpful and trustworthy among the guild. Must have T3 access and be able to demonstrate a fundamental understanding of the game.

To become a Member: Be active in the guild and on guild chat.

To become a Recruit: If we think you're cool, mature enough, and dedicated, you're in. That's all it takes.


What does Dies Irae mean? It means "Day of Wrath" or "Day of Judgement" in Latin.

Does being active mean being on everyday? Not really. If one of the GMs or Officers see that you're on a lot in just one day, you're active. There isn't really any certain time(s)...

What if I'm busy with school/work or I'm on vacation? Please be sure to contact one of the Officers or GMs so we'll know. We typically don't remove any players until they have been inactive for 6 months.

If I forget to tell anyone that I'm busy with stuff or if I can't play Spiral Knights (SK) anymore etc, will I be removed from the guild? Most indefinitely. But don't worry, we will send you a "notice of caution" in which you need to reply in 6 months or risk getting removed.


The Classes
Icon-shield.png Mixed Icon-sword.pngSwordmasters Icon-handgun.png Gunslingers Icon-bomb.png Bombers Icon-rarity.png OP Needs Nerfing
  • Boredpnoy
  • Metalbender
  • Noomad
  • Solanales
  • Heiwa

  • Fitztek
  • Sundaisy

Contact Info

If you have any questions, concerns, critiques, or complaints, please contact one of the following GMs or Officers in-game:

  • Boredpnoy
  • Realmcutter
  • Any GMS that are on

Gallery/History in the Making

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