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Official Jelly Toasters Since 1854

Guild Founder: Streus-The-Avenger
Approx. Population: 24
Guild Master(s):
  • Streus-The-Avenger
  • Kyphis
Guild Officer(s):
  • Odinsphere

Welcome to Embersteel's official wiki page(made with love by Streus)! Chances are, if you're viewing this page, you're looking for a guild to call home. I can assure you that you're looking in the right place! Embersteel is an excellent place for people that want to play Spiral Knights, but don't want to do so alone. We're not solely a hardcore guild, looking to push the limits of the game, nor are we a purely social guild, looking to create friends and alliances. Embersteel is a hybrid of all Spiral Knights offers, looking to create a pleasant experience for its members.

Our forum for guild members! http://www.the-cript.com/embersteel/index.php

Guild Rules/Standards

-Maturity (This covers basic politeness, pleasantness, etc.)

-Communication (If you can't type with out using single letters to replace already short words, or just have horrendous grammar, then this isn't the guild for you)

-Activity (After a 6 month inactivity streak, members and veterans will be demoted. Recruits will be removed after the aforementioned period.

-Skill (If your version of beating a boss involves spending all your mist and 1000 CE on revs, then you probably don't have skill...)

Guild recruitment minimum

-T2 clearance (with the addition of missions I'll also accept the rank Knight and above)

-Follow the rules and standards listed above

-Enjoy pizza


The criteria for receiving promotions are fairly simple. They are outlined below.

Member: Reach the set of missions classified as 7-3

Veteran: Preform an 'Act of Heroics' (idea credit to Kyphis) (This includes anything from carrying a four-man party through RJP to soloing Vanaduke without a Shivermist or a Blitz.).

Officer: Be a vigorous upholder of the guild rules/standards and reach the Champion rank.

Guildmaster: Make large contributions to the guild as an officer (This promotion must be chosen by an officer and approved by the guildmaster(s).).


If you fit the minimum send a guildmaster/officer some mail in-game (See guildmaster/officer section) including...

-How you meet the guild rules/standards

-Your previous Spiral Knights experience

-Your attitude towards Spiral Knights

-Contributions you could make to the guild as a whole

-A brief overview of your personality(Optional)

If your app is accepted, a short Royal Jelly Palace run will be arranged. Following this, the final decision will be made.

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