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Eques Roses
GuildLogo-Eques Roses.png

Praeterat et Novum, Conserva antiquus.

Guild Founder: Princejayko-Mavaku
Approx. Population: 14
Guild Master(s):
  • Princejayko
Guild Officer(s):
  • Abigail-Sparks
  • Shanoaran
  • Valderin

Welcome to Eques Roses, the Knights of the Rose. Found in 2012, this guild is a small but cozy Roleplay guild that operates within the lore of Spiral Knights. There are no level or gear restrictions on joining, all you need to have is a good attitude and willingness to have fun!

General RP etiquette applies! -No actions or plot initiations without prior OOC consent! -No god-modding, or controlling other people's characters (without prior consent!) -Be mindful and respectful of other's roleplay! -Have fun, and be on the lookout for recruits!

Here is a list of the important officers/founders.


    ~Princejayko~The Azure Rose~
    Class: Specialist-Valkyrie
    Boss: Vanaduke

A Spiral Veteran with years worth of experience on Cradle, Jayko has almost seen it all. From the time he stepped out of his crash pod onto Cradle, he knew he was setting foot into what would be one of the biggest adventures in his life. Now, A long and happy time later, he reminesces he was right. Despite the new recruits and constant changes in the Spiral Order, he never loses his joy of doing what he does best: teaching. Now, with his own guild, he hopes to bring together the best of the best on Cradle, not even the most skilled or strongest, but those that are the best of heart in the Order, and make them part of his Knights, the Knights of the Rose.


    ~Mina-Yukari~The Magenta Rose~
    Class: Fencer
    Boss: Snarbolax

A bit of a latecomer to Cradle but still quite the life of any expedition party, the wife of Mavaku Thamius has a quick wit and even quicker feet. A fencer by profession, she has a fascination with rapiers and other swift swords, disliking guns but using them if she must, especially her Pepperbox whose heat reminds her of her husband. She serves a support role in parties, liking her role as healer and decoy. She likes cute outfits and flowers as much as she hates Gremlins and Mechs. She refuses to wield shadow weapons, claiming "they make her skin itch".


    ~Shanoaran~The Aquamarine Rose~
    Class: Gunslinger
    Boss: Jelly King

A long time Spiral Commander, this sassy gunslinger likes to keep her enemies close and her handguns closer. Strafing at a distance and raining down fire on the helpless denizens of the Clockworks, she uses the materials she collects to make bigger and better guns. Her fascination with some of the stranger guns on Cradle has led her to develop a rather unique arsenal that still serves her well in any situation.


    ~Abigail-Sparks~The Sky Rose~
    Class: Gunslinger

A fairly recent comer to the Spiral Order, Abigail fits in like a missing puzzle piece in the ranks of the knights that delve into the Clockworks, and made her way to the core with alarming speed and ease. She seems to have little problem handling firearms nearly as large as she.


    ~Mavaku~The Crimson Rose~
    Class: Spiral Knight
    Boss: Jelly King

Although one of the last members to arrive at Cradle, Mavaku has enthusiastically tackled the missions provided to him, and enjoys venturing into the clockworks with his wife, Mina-Yukari. A swordsman at heart, Mavaku focuses on rushing in and disposing of any threats before they can get anywhere near those he cares for. He has a fascination with fire, and often brings a Combuster into the fray of battle, along with his Snarbolax armor and a Barbarous Thorn Blade, both of which hold deep sentimental value to him.

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