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Game Master Aphrodite
How do I contact a Game Master?

Game Masters are customer support operatives that will help you have a better Spiral Knights experience. Game Masters take their names from Greek gods, titans, or weather patterns and natural phenomena.

Only official Grey Havens (formerly Three Rings) Game Masters have *Game Master* under their names in game. Game Masters have unique armor and helmets, as well as a purple circle around their feet.

Known GM powers:

  • Special GM-only gear and costumes
  • Super movement speed
  • "The Ban Stick," a crowbar-shaped weapon that deals extremely high damage
  • Ability to turn invisible or walk through walls/barriers
  • Able to join parties, even beyond the 4-player limit
  • All chat and tells from a Game Master will appear in special purple text
  • Able to summon and drop special pills in select situations

List of GMs

  • Atropos (Spanish GM)
  • Clotho (Spanish GM)
  • Cronus
  • Demeter
  • Helios
  • Hera
  • Nemesis


  • (Retired) Aphrodite
  • (Retired) Atalanta (French GM)
  • (Retired) Coriolis
  • (Retired) Endymion (German GM)
  • (Retired) Equinox
  • (Retired) Eurydice
  • (Retired) Galene
  • (Retired) Glaucus
  • (Retired) Hyperion (French GM)
  • (Retired) Mnemosyne
  • (Retired) Oceanus
  • (Retired) Poseidon
  • (Retired) Prometheus
  • (Retired) Thalia (German GM)

How can I become a Game Master?

Grey Havens is not currently taking applications for new Game Masters. The job of Game Master is a hired, paid, real-life job that you have to apply and interview for.

To apply to be a Game Master, you must be 18 years of age or older at the time of your application. This is non-negotiable, as U.S. contract law regards any contract signed by a person under the age of 18 as non-binding. Grey Havens also considers factors including, but not limited to:

  • the applicant's disciplinary history in Spiral Knights
  • knowledge of Spiral Knights' features and community
  • communication skills

Sorry, Grey Havens cannot accept volunteers in this capacity.

See Also

  • Developer - the software engineers and artists responsible for the content and coding of Spiral Knights

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