Geological Survey

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Geological Survey
Mission-Geological Survey.png
Mission List: Prestige (Daily)

An amount of Icon-Prestige Star.png Prestige depending on mission variant and rank.

Geological Survey is a prestige mission.



Chief Geo Knight Wegner is always seeking to further his research on the mysterious minerals that are found in the Clockworks. The experiments he conducts on his available samples tend to result in their disintegration. Because of this, he's always in need of brave knights to delve into the Clockworks to procure more samples for him.


Gather minerals for chief Geo Knight Wegner's research.


This mission is part of the daily Prestige Mission Rotation.

It requests an amount of two different mineral types.

Chief Geo Knight Wegner, a name mentioned in this mission's overview, is an NPC who provides knights with knowledge about minerals.

The topic of this article or section is subject to personal opinion, and does not represent any one absolute truth. If you disagree, discuss your concerns on the the talk page before editing.: It is suggested that the player not endeavor to complete this mission unless it requests Moonstone and Valestone, as this mission is currently the only use for these two mineral colors. The other three colors are better used in the creation of Sprite Food, which can level your sprites or fetch a possibly decent price on the market.


Geological Survey Conditions and Rewards
Variant Rank Item Reward
10 of 2
(20 total)
Squire Mineral Icon-Prestige Star.png 20
15 of 2
(30 total)
Mineral Icon-Prestige Star.png 35
20 of 2
(40 total)
Knight Elite Mineral Icon-Prestige Star.png 40
20 of 2
(40 total)
Defender Elite
Mineral Icon-Prestige Star.png 50
20 of 2
(40 total)
Mineral Icon-Prestige Star.png 60

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