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Grantz was the real veteran of the bunch. A seasoned Guardian, Grantz specialized in keeping his squad safe, namely by crushing anything that would mean to do them harm. Grantz took his Guardian's Oath very seriously, often putting himself directly in harm's way in order to protect another. The guy was selfless. I imagine that if disaster truly befell Alpha Squad, Grantz didn't let it end without one hell of a fight. Kora in the 3-2 Interface-icon-Dialogue.png Mission: The Pioneers'

Grantz was the guardian for the missing Alpha Squad.


In the final floor of the 10-2 Interface-icon-PvE.png Mission: Dreams and Nightmares, Parma uses her scout to inform the player that Grantz fell while protecting the Alpha Squad from The Swarm. Parma remembers him for his bravery: he stood his ground while the rest of the Alpha Squad was forced to flee into the Core.

Recon Module

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