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Gremlin Brothers
GuildLogo-Gremlin Brothers.jpg

"What are you? Like a second army of Seerus?" No, Seerus is nothing compared to us! ~ Jaloenow

Guild Founder: Falconetig, Blackaltear, Jaloenow
Approx. Population: 45
Guild Master(s):

Blackaltear, Falconetig, Jaloenow 

Guild Officer(s):

Dexpackman, Nafisul, Kot-Kuclaw

shit head

Clover.pngJoining the guild

Joining the guild is really easy, just send an e-mail to Blackaltear or Jaloenow and ask one of us: May I join your guild?

You will receive an invitation to the guild as soon as possible! :)


Here's some information about the Gremlin Brothers guild!

  • It has: a guild storage;
  • An auction house;
  • An energy well;
  • An alchemy room;
  • A power complex theme;
  • Member limit of 100;
  • 1F, 2F and 3F west and east wing;
  • A central war room (including chairs).
  • And at last, an upkeep of 21000 crowns.

(Click here for some general information about guilds).

(Click here to see some members of the Gremlin Brothers in action)!

Clover.pngAbout the energy well  

If you need crystal energy you may withdraw it from the energy well.

But! You will have to donate a certain amount of crowns into the guild treasury before you may withdraw any CE.

How much crowns do I have to pay?

Well, that depends on your rank.

Here’s how you can calculate the price you need to pay for 100 CE.

*Member: (Current CE price) - 1000 crowns = price

*Veteran: (Current CE price) - 1250 crowns = price

*Officer: (Current CE price) - 1500 crowns = price

(Officers and veterans get a higher discount on CE because they have to pay a higher amount of crowns each week than members).

Gate-Operation Crimson Hammer.png

Jaloenow had just bought the operation crimson hammer expansion pack...

It was big... it was huge (that's what she said) it was... the gremlin army of Seerus!

Jaloenow hated Seerus from day one, he made terrible puns such as: Jaloenow? Defeating me? HAHAHAHAHA are you Seerus?

But Jaloenow infiltrated into his base and blew it up.

He walked away slowly not looking back...


Okay sorry.

Even though Jaloenow had blown up his base, he wasn't able to kill Seerus and his terrible puns.

He had to do something.

So he gathered a crew who was specialized in gremlins.

Sentenza's, Gran Fausts with gremlin bonuses of high, Acheron's, Umbra drivers, deadly dark matter bombs, They were ready for gremlin war 3...

And there they went, off to kill Seerus for once and for all.

(Not really because the mission can be replayed as many times as you like but you get the point, trying to make it sound like an epic adventure).

By lead of Jaloenow, they killed everything in sight...

Until they met the warmaster, Seerus.

He was holding something big (again, that's what she said), something strong...

He smashed it to the ground and boom, Blackaltear down...

Luckily for him he still had his emergency revive.

He stood back up, filled with rage he started hitting Seerus with his Acheron.

This is for your terrible puns!

This is for making fun of Jalo!

This is for knocking me down you auto-aim hammer noob!

Seerus couldn't handle much more hits of Blackaltear's Acheron and ran away, leaving 3 battlepods behind to finish the job for him.

Luckily Jaloenow brought a blitz needle and needled those pods into oblivion.

Seerus started shouting: All troops to the frontier!

Jaloenow and Blackaltear were surrounded...

How would this end?

We do not know, we haven't heard of the two ever since...

(JK we did, you can check my YouTube channel to find out how it ended :D).

They are strong...

They won't regret killing evil gremlins...

They do not look at explosions...

They are the nice guys of the gremlin family...

They are...

The Gremlin Brothers!

(There are girls in the guild too so you could say we're kinda like gremlin sisters as well...)

Clover.pngGuildMaster Jaloenow


Here you can see what's going on in the guild every day!


Here are the rules all guild members have to obey!

  • Be kind and gentle.
  • Help your guild members if they're in trouble (if you're not strong enough and can't help, that's okay, just let them know).
  • Don't beg for a promotion or crowns, you may ask for materials but before you do so, check the member/veteran/officer storage first!
  • If you're inactive for 30+ days you'll be kicked.
  • If you don't pay your weekly 1000/2000/4000 crowns for 2 weeks long, you'll be demoted (if you forget to pay 1 week that's okay, just pay the double amount in the next week).
  • If you don't pay your weekly 1000/2000/4000 crowns for 3 weeks long, you'll be removed from the guild.

If you ignore the rules you can be kicked/demoted!


You can earn a promotion by showing us your that you're loyal to the guild, donating the guild, obeying the rules and showing us your skill!

But there's more:

Recruit - Member

Donate 5.000 crowns in the guild treasury all at once.

If you are a recruit/member you will have to pay 1.000 crowns each week!

Member - Veteran

Donate 12.000 crowns in the guild treasury all at once and get accepted by the Guildmasters and officers. If you are a veteran you will have to pay 2.000 crowns each week!

Veteran - Officer 

Donate 48.000 crowns in the guild treasury all at once, be in the guild for a dang long time and get accepted by the Guildmasters.

If you are an officer you will have to pay 4.000 crowns each week!

Never publish changes in the guild, promote or demote a guild member, remove someone from the guild, use crowns of the guild treasury or change the message of the day without permission of a guild master! If you do so, you can get demoted/kicked!

Clover.pngGuild extras (lottery)  

Q: How does the lottery work?

A: If you send 1500 crowns to Jaloenow you'll be signed up to the lottery and have 1 ticket.

Q: Can I increase my chance of winning?

A:  You can, each ticket will cost 1500 crowns, by buying more tickets (2 tickets = 3000 crowns,  3 tickets = 45000 crowns) you'll increase your chance of winning (3 tickets per person max.)!

Q: How do I know when the lottery is on?

A: It will be announced in the Gremlin Brothers' message of the day.

Q: How do you pick a winner and what prizes can I get?

A:You can get the amount of crowns I collected by all players who paid to play the lottery or you can get weapons (2-3 star), armor pieces(2-3 star), rarities (fire crystals or orbs), accessories and even usable's like trinket/weapon slot upgrades (the more members the guild has, the better the lottery prizes will be)!

Click on the link below to find out how we pick our winner!


Clover.pngGuild extras (PvP day)  

Every once in a while we'll be having a PvP day.

That day, we'll ask all of our guild members to play lockdown or blast network.

When we are all playing lockdown/blast network as a team will be announced, just as the lottery, in the Gremlin Brothers' message of the day.

We will regroup in the central war room in our Gremlin Brothers guild hall and sign up as a team!

If you're in a PvP match with Jaloenow and you get a higher score than him you'll earn a small amount of crowns!

Clover.pngGuild extras (Protectors)  

All the vanguards in the guild will be helping out all the younglings.

We will not only be helping, we will also share some of the crowns we earned during the mission!

Here's how we calculate the amount of crowns that we share:

  • Normal difficulty = 30% of the earned crowns will be shared.
  • Advanced difficulty = 20% of the earned crowns will be shared.
  • Elite difficulty = 15% of the earned crowns will be shared.

The harder the difficulty, the more crowns will be  earned, that's why we share a higher percentage of crowns in a lower difficulty!

For example: I'm a vanguard, you're a knight elite, you and I will be playing a mission together that would've been too hard to solo for the knight elite (like the king of ashes). 

I as vanguard, earned 5.000 crowns during the mission (normal difficulty so 30% will be shared).

So, let's calculate how much of that 5.000 I will have to share!

5.000 / 100 = 50 crowns (1%)

50 x 30 = 1500 crowns (=30%)

I will give 1500 crowns (30% of what I've earned) to the youngling!

This is a great way for the vanguard to show his/her skill, kindness and it's a great way to help our noobies to a higher rank. ;)

When the vanguards will be playing as protectors will be announced in the Gremlin Brothers' message of the day (but most of us would like to help even when we're not playing as a protector).

(By playing as a protector you'll also increase your chance for a promotion)!

 Clover.pngGuild extras (Pay day)  

Pay day is a day where Jaloenow will donate all of his earned crowns to the guild treasury.

For example:

  • I started of the day with 50,000 crowns.
  • At the end of the day I had 75,000 crowns.
  • 75,000-50,000=25,000.
  • I will donate 25,000 crowns into the guild treasury.

When the guild is having a pay day will be announced in the guild message of the day.

You are not forced to participate in this day, if you want to keep your crowns for yourself, fine.

But if you do participate, Jalo and Mr-Cuddles will hug and kiss you for being so helpful towards the guild! :3

Why would I do this? ._.

Well, if a few people participate in this day, our guild hall will improve A LOT.

We do not have that many decorations...

And crowns can help us, we can buy decorations with crowns that will make our guild hall look sexy!


It's up to you if you want to include crowns you earned on pay day at the auction house or not!

Clover.pngGuild extras (Shadow lair)

We like to do shadow lairs!

It's just kinda hard to solo don't you think?

That's why we came up with the Shadow weekend.

Every once in a while, Jaloenow will organize a Shadow weekend (will be announced in the guild message of the day).

That weekend, we'll team up to do shadow lairs :)

Here's how we get to work:

  • We create teams of 4 people (or less) that all want to do the same shadow lair.
  • We split the cost for the key (1 shadow key will cost 1800 crystal energy).
  • We decide who will get the key (you will have to give your CE to that person)

CE costs:

  • 4 man team = 450 CE per person

  • 3 man team = 600 CE per person

  • 2 man team = 900 CE per person

  • 1 man team = 1800 CE per person (No solo runs in the shadow weekends, team up and share the love)!

If all preparations are done, venture down to depth 23 in the arcade with your team and start the shadow lair!

Why do we do this?

Shadow lairs are fun to play, they teach you that teamwork is important and it's a great way to show off your skill.

(The crowns, rarities etc. are nice too though ^_^).

 Clover.pngGuild extras (Dress to impress!)

Gremlins love to look good!

That's why we came up with a Guild uniform.

We'd love to see all Gremlin Brothers wearing this! :)

Option: 1    
Perfect Mask Of Seerus Perfect Mask Of Seerus

Firebreak Armor Firebreak Armor

You can get the Seerus mask by buying the Operation Crimson Hammer expansion pack, the firebreak armor can be obtained in the bazaar or by alchemy.

Option: 2    
Firebreak Helm Firebreak Helm

Firebreak Armor Firebreak Armor

You can get both the firebreak helm and armor in the bazaar or by alchemy.

 Clover.pngGuild extras (Oh no my vial)!

Oh no my vial is a mini-game that we play in the Advanced training hall in haven.

If you want to participate in Oh no my vial, just go to the Advanced training hall when the guild message of the day says so.

Here's how it works!

  • A guild master (referee) will be waiting for participants
  • Once you're there you have to get at least one vial (vials can be found all the way over to the left).
  • If you got a vial, the referee will tell you where you have to go and what you have to do.
  • As a participant you may not equip a shield, battle sprite or weapons, only the referee may do so.

If everyone's ready the game will start!

  • The goal of the game is to not lose your vial.
  • We play several rounds so everyone gets a chance to win.
  • The entry fee per round is 50 crowns.
  • The winner of each round (the person who didn't lose his vial or lost it after everyone already lost it) will earn a fair amount of crowns!

Clover.pngGuild extras (Screenshots)

Here you can see some of the screenshots we made so far!

If you want to be on a screenshot as well, contact Jaloenow!


If you have any further questions, contact Jaloenow!

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