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Heart of Ice is the third Danger Mission made in Spiral Knights.


Warning: This is a Dangerous Mission!

Desna and her Recon Rangers are an elite team tasked with recovering intel from some of the most dangerous levels of the Clockworks. Joining them could lead to great rewards, but it is guaranteed to be a perilous journey!

Spiral HQ has detected a sudden climate shift emanating from deep within the Clockworks. Freak snowstorms and blizzards have begun surging through the depths seeming to originate from an inhospitable, fiendish city known as 'Amu-Sol.' The Recon Rangers have been dispatched to infiltrate Amu-Sol and discover the source of these freezing storms.

Recommended Equipment

The recommended armor set for this mission is a Piercing/Shadow Hybrid. One popular choice is the Skolver/Snarbolax, considering they both give the corresponding defenses and freeze resistance. Any additional resistance from UVs, trinkets, or perks can potentially make you immune to the wisps and souls throughout the mission. Nearly all the monsters in this mission are weak to piercing. The Flourish and Snarble sets are incredibly useful. The Autogun, Antigua (just the 3* Antigua itself), and Magnus sets of guns are the most useful, although the Magnus is not recommended because it is slow. The ultimate gun by far is either the Plague Needle or the Blitz Needle because their charged attacks can instantly kill most monsters in the mission. However, it is also suggested to bring an elemental gun to get rid of the howlwitzers in the gate arena (See below in the Strategies section for a better explanation).

The Monsters of Amu-Sol

Promo Propaganda. Maulos in the cold street of Amu-Sol.
Heart of Ice on the Mission Interface.

Frozen Highway




Their own personal strategies to defeat them can be found on their personal pages.


Frozen Highway

The different versions of this danger mission is unique. There are several notable key spots and arenas, but the different versions randomly scrambles the order that you are going to do the key points and arenas. For instance, in one version you have the arena of chilling terror (made up) and then you battle the gates of doom (also made up), but in another version you battle the gates of doom first and then the arena of chilling terror. Since the order is always different every version, the different key points and arenas are shown below.

The Gate Puzzle Switchroom

This place consists of 8 rooms as a square with the middle area being a pit with a switch in the center. There are also switches in different rooms. There are also spawning pots, frozen whirly balls and pressure plates. Stepping on the pressure plate gives access to the out of reach switch in the center and you can throw a pot to activate the switch. In the various rooms, there are several frozen fiend monsters, Howlitzers, Silkwings and one Trojan in the rooms. There are also whirly balls in some rooms. When you come to the first room, there will be 2 Chilling Howlitzers and you need to kill them first. Then press the pressure plate and hit the trigger and go up or down room and eliminate all monsters there. Keep on proceeding to each room and eliminate the monsters. Also remember to hit switches to unlock gates and lock them! The trojan needs to be treated with cautiousness and carefully defeated. The Devilites will hit you if you are caught off guard. The whirlyballs will also have a chance to hit you if you are not paying attention to them. Players commonly die here, so watch out!

Street Arena

This arena consists of blast blocks, timed blast blocks and boxes made into 2 plus shapes one on the right and one of the left(they constantly spawn).

The First Wave

Consists of 2 frozen devilites on the left and 2 on the right. There are also 2 Tundralisks on the right and 2 on the left, followed by a pit boss in the top center. Try to prevent any devilites from getting near the Pit Boss (KILL THEM!), for the overtimers create a seriously sticky situation to get out of! After all the fiends are gone, kill the Tundralisks!

The Second Wave

Consists of one Chilling Howlwitzer on the left and one on the right. There are also 2-4 Frostifurs on the right and 2-4 Frostifurs on the left. There are also one Pearl Greaver on the right and one on the left. Kill the Greavers first! If you have any snarble or flourish set weapon, use the first attack only on the greavers as they try and attack you, and most likely the first attack will interrupt their attack and cancel it! Then kill the Howlwitzers and move on to the easy Frostifurs.

The Third Wave

Consists of 2 Trojans (one of the right and one of the left) and one Silkwing flanking each Trojan. There are also one Chilling Howlwitzer on the top and one of the bottom. 1-2 Alpha Frostifurs also spawn. This time, kill the Howlitzers first, but with caution. Then concentrate on the Silkwings, then the Frostifurs and finally the Trojans!

The Howlitzer Gate Arena

The notable thing about this arena is that first, the space can run out real quick and second, there are six rooms, and there is a constantly respawning Chilling Howlitzer in each room. Killing the Howlitzer in one of the rooms will open all adjacent gates around the room, but watch out, each Howlitzer is surrounded by a freezing trap, so this is when the elemental gun comes in handy (or a bomb). The gates will only be open for a limited time, though. The monster count in each wave cannot be typed down because it is chaotic and the wolvers teleport into different areas (though the number of wolvers is guaranteed to be large), so the monster amount can't be tracked. However, the general strategy is to eliminate all the monsters in the room you are in first and then kill the Howlitzer to unlock the gates to the next room and keep on killing. The bad thing would be accidentally killing the howlitzer can unleash dangerous monsters from another room into your room you are currently in. The Howlitzers are a big distraction and players can be caught unaware. There is one long road on top that can be used as a long pathway and a saving area as well as another road on the left. Use these to your advantage! Be warned, for the Greavers in some waves and 2 Trojans can be found in the last wave. Beware, even though the Howlitzers will die once the final wave finishes, their skull missles will still activate!


The Second Floor begins with a party button. When the party button is pressed, you will enter a room with 4 pressure plates in the front and 4 randomly scattered statues around the large room. On the left side there will be fiend type monsters and on the right will be beast types. Putting the 4 statues on the pressure plates will unlock the main gate and you may proceed. The monsters gather in large numbers, so when you are fighting, they can overwhelm you. There are also frozen whirly balls that you need to watch out. The greavers can be your party's bane, so watch out! There is a secret switch hidden in 4 random blocks (it changes in every run), two of them are hidden in the left of the first room, the third is in front of the party button and the fourth in a small courtyard with 2 Layoafers. Note that during the second depth, Golden Winter Wisps and ice blocks will appear in the corridors. After crossing a big road with a lot of Devilites, Tundralisks and Pearl Greavers, you will find a big coliseum similat to Blast Network. (don't forget open the Treasure boxes to get hearts if you find the switch before)

The Ice Coliseum

After pressing the party button, get ready to fight against 3 waves of Fiends and Beasts, the ice blocks in the middle of the coliseum can be useful to cover of the Howlizter's bullets, there are two infinite respawn of Tundralisks in the right of the coliseum. The main dangers in the coliseum are the Alpha Frostifurs and Trojans so it is a advise move all time and don't stay in a same place during the battle.

The last road and last enemy battle

After you complete the coliseum, there is a large road with Golden Winter Wisps and ice traps. Some Layoafers and Pearl Greavers will appear before the last battle before meeting Maulos, a good idea is to use the Blitz Needle in this part. There is a last arena with frozen whirly balls and ice traps in the middle of the battle, don't forget break the ice blocks in every wave and focus in the Silkwings first. After three waves with Beasts and Fiends, the door will open and you will be a few metres to find the mini-boss of this Danger Mission...

Fighting against Maulos

Maulos - the mini-boss of Heart of Ice - is a frozen Trojan who exits from his big block of ice after the knights press the party button. This battle is easy if some player has the Blitz Needle and Poison Vials. There are two infinite respawn of Tundralisks and a lot of spikes on each side of the battle. Try to defeat him quickly because more monsters like Layoafers, Frostifurs or Frozen Souls will come to help Maulos when he surrenders in his big block of ice in every wave. Maulos has two unique Wolvers called Perma-Frostifurs so watch out! They are invincible. After killing Maulos go quickly to the elevator because more Frozen Souls will appear even after the battle is finished.

Everfrost Tower

Reap the rewards and the prestige!


  • Frozen Souls may appear when there are less than three members in the party.
  • Chilling Howlitzers are sometimes replaced by normal Howlitzers in both depths.
  • During the second depth, there are a few computers where you can see the steps that the Devilites had planned to freeze the Clockworks with the support of Maulos, they contacted with a mysterious character called Morgral'm, it is unknown if Morgral'm is a Devilite, a Gremlin or another class of monster.

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