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You can ignore another knight if you no longer wish to interact with them. You can also do the following things if someone is bothersome:

The ignored player does not receive notice about being ignored. If you have someone ignored, you will not:

  • See any chat or emotes from the ignored knight. As they are hidden.
  • See any tells from the ignored knight.
  • Be able to receive trade requests from the ignored knight.
  • See any friend requests by the ignored knight.
  • See any mail from the ignored knight. The mail is not deleted, simply hidden. If the receiver chooses to unignore the sender within 30 days of the sent mail, it will appear.
  • You also will not be able to receive any guild chat from the person you ignore if they are in your guild.

How to Ignore a Knight

Select "Ignore" from the player dropdown menu.

Right-click on the knight, and choose the ignore option from the menu. You will no longer see that knight's chat on your screen, the knight will not be able to make a trade request with you, or invite you to join a party in the Clockworks.

You can also enter /ignore [player name] into the chat line.

How to Unignore

There are many ways to remove the ignore status from another knight.

  1. Left click on the knight and choose unignore.
  2. Click the Icon-settings.png Main Menu icon, select "Options" (or use ESC) to open the options menu and choose the chat tab. The right side of the screen shows a list of all knights you have ignored. Click the name and then the unignore button.
  3. Click the Icon-social.png Social icon and expand the "Ignored" section. Click the knight on the list, and choose unignore.
  4. Type /unignore [player name].

If the knight sent you any mail, including friend request or guild invites while they were ignored, the mail will become visible in your after you unignore them.



Under certain circumstances, it is possible to be added to your own ignore list. This cannot be undone via the above methods while logged in as the knight that is ignored. A simple solution to the problem is to log into a different knight on the same account (as ignore lists are account-wide) and remove the first knight from the list.

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