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The Art Of Control

Guild Founder: Furynator
Approx. Population: 95
Guild Master(s):
  • Robotgobott
  • Chebum
  • Onicdr
Guild Officer(s):
  • Maverick-ua
  • Atomknight
  • Boodaloo
Website: Coming Soon

Welcome To Illusion


You step into the room, your soul filled of fear. A shadow rushes by, and mist arises around you as you take your stance.
The room goes silent, and a figure appears slowly emerging from the dark abyss.
The Snarbolax charges towards you and pierces your heart; and then...
You wake up.
Welcome to Illusion; a guild built around providing a fun, safe and professional safe haven within Spiral Knights.
You are safe now. You are under the protection of the royal stance we know as Illusion - The Art of Control.
You feel warm and welcomed. You know what you must do. As a member of Illusion, you must strive to do your best; to push beyond your limits and to set your own boundaries.
You are part of an elite family now - and to remain, you must hold a powerful name.

Guild Requirements

- T3 Access, Meaning 4 Or 5* Gear Only, With Some T2 Exceptions
- Active, Outgoing And Charismatic Personality
- Minimum Experience Of 1 Week Gameplay

About Illusion

We work as a team and carry pride as our secret weapon. Our chat is active and there is always at least 5-20 users online at a time. We strive to provide a friendly, hearty and helpful community for all of our family members.

The guild hosts many events and group runs, commonly at Guild Lockdowns, Jelly King, Firestorm Citadel and Shadow Lair.

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