Jelly Gem (Furniture)

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This article is about the furniture. For other uses, see Jelly Gem (disambiguation).
Furniture-Jelly Gem icon.png
Jelly Gem
Furniture-Jelly Gem.png


This item cannot be rotated and always faces South.

The Jelly Gem is a furniture item that can be placed in a Guild Hall.


A squishy gem highly prized by slimes. This one was liberated from the Royal Jelly Palace and painstakingly preserved as a conversation piece.


The alchemy cost for this furniture item is 50,000 crowns. Below are the materials needed to make the Jelly Gem:

Name Amount
Crafting-Green Shard.png Green Shard 100
Crafting-Light Shard.png Light Shard 100
Crafting-Gel Drop.png Gel Drop 50
Crafting-Ecto Drop.png Ecto Drop 50
Crafting-Jelly Glue.png Jelly Glue 4

Icon-alert.png Components are deposited into the Guild Hall's Treasury.
Nothing can be withdrawn from a Treasury after it is deposited.


Jelly Gem (Furniture)-Placed.png A Jelly Gem (Furniture) Overworld view.


This furniture item is slightly animated: the object above the platform hovers slowly up and down.

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