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Kage no Senshi 影の戦士ない
[[File:GuildLogo-Kage no Senshi 影の戦士ない.

Fear is the lengthened shadow of ignorance.

Guild Founder: Khatake "Boss"
Approx. Population: 100

Guild Officer(s):
  • Abknight
  • Canismaximus

Guild Summary

Kage no Senshi, (in English Shadow Warriors/Soldiers) as a Guild is a rather laid back jovial group that enjoys doing boss and level runs daily, using every trick in the book. The Guild actively tries to socialize with each other and often use the Guild channel as a means of conveying information to help other players for the better of the group or just to converse with one another. A large majority of the Guild are mature players fluent in the English Language, and in a whole may sometimes use strong/explicit language, so players of a younger age not suited to PG 13 situations should not inquire of this Guild should they be offended.

Many of the members of the Guild are avid Anime fans, so japanese words may be thrown around a lot with old movie and video game pop-culture related references.

Guild History

Kage no Senshi was created by a player called Khatake, quickly the Guild gained strong and active Members after its creation with the help of its Officers at that time. After a solid two week run with the Members and Officers the Guild had, the Guild suffered a tragic hit dealt by one of its Officers. One Officer removed all the members and other Officers below him then left the Guild for no obvious reason. Devastated the Guild master and one Officer was all that remained. Eventually that remaining Officer left the Guild as well due to the incident. With only the Founder remaining a pain-staking task of rebuilding a foundation began. One by one members were recruited and slowly the Guild rebuilt some of its former activity. Past Members were re-invited to the Guild but only a small fraction came back, trust was now an issue in our Guild.

With almost all old Members out of the Guild, Manhoe's job only became harder but after a while he found himself with a bunch of new faces. None of these members were granted an Officer's title because of the security risks it entailed to the Guild. Manhoe convinced his close friend to join the game, after a while she became known as the walking arsenal and was head Officer for a short time. Later on another friend joined and became on of the most skilled gunners in the game and ironically naming his character similarly to the Guild he was made an officer in respect to his skill with a gun. Both later on due to an unfortunate incident changed paths and took their leave, their presence is still duely missed by some of the current members and they will not be forgotten. Our current Officers consists of Wrock, Vinrules and Spiralknightss. Wrock was added to the officer's line-up due to his unquestionable loyalty to the guild and later became Head Officer in replacement and second in command of the Guild, his main atribute being his attitude towards all Guild Members being friendly and helpful. Vinrules was later promoted to Officer for the very same reasons along with his exceptional handling with bombs and guns. Then finally long overdue, Plebbyy was promoted to a position that seems to have been calling her name for far too long, after some time in the position Plebbyy grew even greater and eventually handed in her title as guild officer as she currently draws nearer to her SK retirement for good. The latest addition to our Officer ranks was presented to Megahertz, a heart-warming and seasoned player who was voted by several fellow Guild members. Soon after all of which have proven to be great assets to the guild. Kage no Senshi now boasts of a wide range of players from across the globe who are not only active but provide the Guild with the amusement and warm heartedness to which we all seek in our Guild.

History is made everyday, this is just our cover page. Our history is far from completely mapped out on paper.


The Guild farms FSC and high paying arenas daily, Roarmulus Twins and Jelly King/Royal Jelly are done by Guild members more than 5 times a day during one period online you should see at least two parties there. We always have a party or two at FSC or an arena farming zone. With the addition of the mission system to Spiral Knights FSC farming became much easier, if you are unable to jump to the mission you wish to perform for crowns or heat, a veteran with access, once free, will gladly drop you off at the mission lobby if he/she doesn't have the time to join the run.

New Recruits/Members may ask for the assistance of other Members of the Guild if they are free to help. Veterans and above will gladly tag along with new T3 Members looking forward to their first FSC run.


  • Recruits - T1 and new T2 players (No expectations here, give us raw clay and somehow we'll mold the best possible players)
  • Members - T2 and new T3 players (Highly active and interactive players)
  • Veterans - T3 and T3 solo players (Must be Champion rank or higher to qualify)

(Promotion based on skill level and activity more than actual gear, however having the right gear for your style will be an asset. (Members must not ask for promotions as it will merely extend the period of evaluation.)

(Activity to us means 1 - 2 hours of active gameplay per day. Any instances of lengthy periods of inactivity must be reported beforehand.)

  • OFFICERS :: An Officer is a Member who has illustrated commitment towards the Guild and have been active for a considerable amount of time. This position shows the highest level of trust from the Guild Master himself for those he deems suitable for this position. NOTE: Officers may be demoted upon inactivity on duty, IE not showing an active roll in the guild's chats and such.


  • By no means should anyone ever disrespect any member of the guild, if it does happen do not reply with more disrespect towards the person. Simply ask them to apologize.
  • Never, yes we mean never, should you invite someone to a party without their permission for the sole cause of reviving you. If you are dead, you may ask, never beg.
  • Adult language is allowed in the guild chat, as stated earlier this is an adult's guild. As adults playing this game we tend to be childish at times and so the conversations seem immature. However abuse of the privilege is not allowed, swearing in every line that you may type is by far too much. Raging at everything that happens using swear words is not allowed as well.
  • If you are under 13 years of age you will be removed from the guild. Your skill, gear, CE, nothing will save you from this ultimate fact.
  • Guild chat spams are now allowed (Sales etc). If you must mention it, refrain from posted your shout from haven one or trade channel ad, make it part of the conversation.
  • Never give loans to anyone in the guild of recruit rank! (As a recruit the person has no immediate connection to the guild, it makes it very easy for them to take your money and leave, never to be sen again)
  • Remember this is a game, take things too seriously and everything goes wrong. Have fun!


Mostly exclusive to the guild's "Inner Circle" held in private to discuss do or die situations.

Recruitment Info

To join our guild previously you had to be minimum 4 star. However we decided to expand a bit and allow players of any star to join. We have absolutely no problem allowing new players to join our guild. At one point we were all new and eager to learn the ropes.

Activity is what makes or breaks a guild. If you are not active sadly our officers will have to remove you from the guild. Inactivity basically means nine (9) days or more with no logins, without prior Notice to an officer or higher of the inactivity we will have no choice but to remove. This is normally the fine print however we have no reason to keep you away from the light, even if we are shadows.

Answering these questions Send an in game mail to the Guildmaster (myself) at the IGN, Khatake.

How long do you play per day?

What are your playing times? (e.g. Time Zone - EST)

What is your current gear?

What bosses have you already defeated?

Past Guilds?

Been to the core?

Soloed your way to Tier 2 (Depth 8)?

Soloed your way to Tier 3 (Depth 18)?

Soloed your way to The Core (Depth 29)?

Why do you want to join this guild?

Do you like dogs?

Send your answers to IGN: Khatake


Post on the official recruitment forums here: Kage no Senshi/Recruitment Thread

Contact Info

IGN: Khatake

IGN: Abknight

IGN: Canismaximus

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