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An official artwork of Black Kats and a knight with the Black Kat Cowl from the Kataclysmic Confrontation event.

The Kataclysmic Confrontation is an event.


Someone or something has summoned a horde of cursed Black Kats into the Clockworks. These shadowy beasts hunger for arcane power and raided the Moorcroft Manor Archives' precious collection of magical grimoires. In the wrong hands these ancient tomes could be catastrophic, but it turns out that Black Kats can't read, so they instead decided to just eat them. The residents of Moorcroft Manor would like you to retrieve the Ancient Pages of the magical grimoires that quite likely reside in the stomachs of Black Kats. We'll leave you to figure out just how to recover them... Forum Post


Black Kats drop Token-Ancient Page.png Ancient Page tokens when defeated. Each Black Kat has a very small chance of dropping a Crafting-Book of Dark Rituals.png Book of Dark Rituals.


While no special scenario-like rooms show up in the arcade for this event, any kat type monster in any depth 9 or deeper clockworks level where kats can be encountered (arcade or mission) has a small chance of being replaced by a Black Kat.


This event features three very similar Prestige Missions:

These are only available during a Kataclysmic Confrontation event. These three missions are in a rotation with each other, so only one of these three missions will be available once per day (vs. all three every day during the event). Each mission has 3 floors, all with this similar goal: locate and destroy a Black Kat nest, recovering as many Ancient Pages as you can. These rooms are identified by papers strewn all over the floor and a few partially eaten books. The player should be ready for a fight when stepping onto the party button.

Rewards and Prizes

Token Exchange

Players can exchange their Ancient Page tokens with Montague in Moorcroft Manor for Kat Tribe Fetishes and various Kat gear. Players can then use these items to craft various kat-related gear at the Mysterious Alchemy Machine.


The Black Kats that appear in the final fight of the Prestige missions don't drop Ancient Pages.

The Vile Deadnaught and Choking Bombie monsters can only be encountered during this event.

Ancient Page tokens do not expire.

Farming Tips

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Since events last a short time, players like to figure out how to most efficiently obtain an event's prizes. For the Kataclysmic Confrontation, this means hunting Black Kats and gathering Ancient Pages. Complete the daily prestige (unless it is Purr Terror, see below) and then hunt for kats in the arcade or specific rank missions. Since black kats can show up anywhere there are kats, it is best to repeatedly search through areas that have a high number of kats to begin with. Candlestick Keeps and certain Scarlet Fortress areas have lots of kats, but these are not always readily available in the arcade. If the player wishes to hunt for kats and obtain pages as quickly as possible, and consistently:

  • Repeating the first floor of the 9-2 Interface-icon-PvE.png Mission: Alone in the Dark is a good way to go about it. This is depth 24.
  • The first floor of 8-1 Interface-icon-PvE.png Mission: Weight of Darkness is another option if the player prefers to deal with poison instead of shock. This is depth 19.
  • Repeating desired floors of the Purr Terror prestige, should it be available while farming, is also a nice option because the first floor of Purr Terror is a D24 Candlestick Keep: Noxious Night, making it a deeper version of the first floor of Weight of Darkness.
    It is important to not actually complete the prestige until after it has been farmed as desired - but be sure to complete it by the end of the prestige day.

All of these missions have a Candlestick Keep as the first floor and are Tier 3, making them ideal for repeated runs, but players tend to prefer Alone in the Dark or Purr Terror because they are deeper.

Difficulty level has no effect on the number of tokens dropped, but the Book of Dark Rituals is a material and as such likely has a better chance at being found on elite difficulty and in deeper depths, considering how other material drops work.[1] Black Kats drop a number of these Ancient Page tokens in addition to other loot. According to release 2013-01-30, defeated Black Kats will drop:

  • Black Kats do not spawn at all in Tier 1
  • 1 Ancient Page in Tier 2
  • 3 Ancient Pages in Tier 3

Please note that pages will not drop from a defeated black kat for players who join the party after it has spawned.



This event has happened several times. Below is a calendar for each occurrence of this event. Note that not all related content is available for every event - for example, the Usable-Katastrophe Prize Box icon.png Katastrophe Prize Box was not available during the 4th event, even though it was introduced in a previous event. Sometimes Katastrophe-related things occur outside of event time frames, as seen with the Kat Suit from the Usable-Katastrophe Returns Prize Box icon.png Katastrophe Returns Prize Box.

Gear at the Mysterious Alchemy Machine can be crafted at any time, so long as the player has the required components in their inventory. Montague will also always have items for trade.

News Image Dates and Forum Duration Notes
1 News art for this occurrence.
30 January 2013

13 February 2013
14 days

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2 News art for this occurrence.
21 August 2013

28 August 2013
8 days The Zombie Bellhop furniture item was introduced during this event.

Related Posts: release 2013-08-21, release 2013-08-28

3 News art for this occurrence.
30 April 2014

12 May 2014
13 days The Seraphynx (Black Kat) Seraphynx (Black Kat) battle sprite and the Usable-Katastrophe Prize Box icon.png Katastrophe Prize Box were introduced during this event.
4 News art for this occurrence.
17 September 2014

29 September 2014
13 days
5 News art for this occurrence.
3 June 2015

16 June 2015
14 days The Usable-Wicked Prize Box icon.png Wicked Prize Box was introduced during this event.
6 News art for this occurrence.
3 February 2016

16 February 2016
14 days The Usable-Katastrophe Returns Prize Box icon.png Katastrophe Returns Prize Box was available for the second time during this event.
7 No news art for this occurrence.
8 July 2016

18 July 2016
11 days The Usable-Wicked Prize Box 2016 icon.png Wicked Prize Box 2016 was available for the second time during this event.
8 No news art for this occurrence.
9 February 2017

22 February 2017
14 days The Usable-Rooster Prize Box icon.png Rooster Prize Box was introduced during this event.
9 News art for this occurrence.
20 July 2017

3 August 2017
15 days
10 News art for this occurrence.
10 January 2018

21 January 2018
12 days Admin post provided no information about how long was this event going to last.
11 News art for this occurrence.
3 July 2018

17 July 2018
15 days
12 News art for this occurrence.
25 January 2019

6 February 2019
13 days
13 No news art for this occurrence.
14 August 2019

28 August 2019
15 days The Usable-Katastrophe Prize Box icon.png Katastrophe Prize Box was available for the second time during this event.
14 News art for this occurrence.
17 January 2020

30 January 2020
13 days
15 News art for this occurrence.
22 June 2020

5 July 2020
14 days

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