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Guild Info

Guild Name



  • Don't beg. If you need cr, ce or anything else, work for it like we all do. Another option is buying ce in the depot. Members caught on begging are kicked immediately, without second chance.
  • Don't invite or join to guild parties without asking. Talk on guild chat before sending popups to playing members. There is one exception, when guild members announce open parties that can be joined without asking.
  • Be polite to other members, be that an officer or a recruit.
  • Be active at least in every couple of days, or let us know if you're away from the game for longer periods.
  • Help others as your capacity lets you. It is a kind gesture to help other players in completing missions.
  • No comebacks are allowed to the guild If you leave or get kicked.
  • Have fun! It is a must for Kingz Of War.



  • 61 members currently (2012. april). We are looking for brave players with 3* gear or above.

Requirements to Join

  • You should accept our rules for the best playing experience.
  • If you agree with them, send private message to our Guild Master or Officers. (/tell username)
  • If they aren't online at the moment, you can send them a Mail.
  • We are daily players, so you will catch answer at least in 1 day.

News for our Members

Mission helps

If you need help with your mission, talk about in on guild chat. Do not send random invites. If we are free we will help you. (/g your message) If all of us are offline or busy, try again later. Think about everybody might have own work to do, missions or real-life responsibilites. If you really need help, you may send private messages (/t name) with asking for help to Officers or Guild masters. They'll possibly help you after they have finished their own mission.

Basil runs

  • If somebody need a recipe, say it at the guild chat for other members.
  • If a member will find that recipe, (s)he will give you at Basil price.
  • If somebody arrives to Basil, (s)he usually asks for everybody necessaries at the guild chat.

Boss runs

Shadow Lair runs

Lottery events

Every Sunday a lucky person wins! Ask

How does lottery happen?

  • If you want try out your luck, send 1000 crowns for Redbullrocket in mail before Sunday.
  • All participants catch a number next to his/her name. (For example: 1 - Lucas, 2 - Carol etc...)
  • Every online participants go to guild hall at the draw.
  • Somebody says a random number, and that person will win who has that number.
  • The winner will win crowns/crystal energy/weapons/uv or surprise gift.
  • Don't worry if you weren't online, you will be given a letter about winning.
  • latest winner lancesr 18kcr winner till next sunday be lucky

Guild Lockdown

  • There isn't a lot GL nowadays, but we do it occasionally.
  • Tactics are discussed in the Guild Hall before playing.

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