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Knights And Day (Guild)
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"No crown left behind..."

Guild Founder: BigFootM And Homminid
Approx. Population: 90-100
Guild Master(s):
Guild Officer(s):

will be completed soon

  • Potatogator
  • Gavenlarv
  • Extribble
  • Granck
  • Lostillusion
  • Sorou
  • Note: We have many more officers, but these guys will get to you the fastest.
Website: (register AFTER you are accepted, or this will cause Granck to rage, yeah he monitors the site and may not know if your accepted to the guild ;3)


History of Knights and Day...

I (Bigfootm) created this guild on May 4th, in the Haven Arcade hoping that one day I would have a good guild. Thankfully, this wish has come true. We have a good group of noble Knights, and love to do runs together. That feeling, when you start the game, or finally get access to a new tier, is how you feel when you actually stay and get to know us. The first boss we killed as a guild, was when we were very, very small, and killed Jelly King. Now we kill Vanaduke. We hope you like it here. ;)

More in depth:

We were actually founded in Beta/Preview, when I used a different account. Shortly before beta/preview ended, we disbanded, to come back shortly after in the real thing. Now, here we are again. :)

What we do

As a Tier 3 Guild, we mainly do FSC runs. However, if a guildie is in need of help on a jelly run, or any other boss stratum, we will be glad to help. We joke around with each other, have fun, and like to kill bosses. If you join, we will help you. I repeat, WE WILL HELP YOU. We also sell items and recipes to each other for at, or around Basil price, and for items, below the AH. We help people, that's what we do. We want a better Spiral Knights Community/Enviroment.

Bosses Guide

If you have Questions, be sure to /tell me

The Shiver-Blitz Formation Guide

Recruitment Info


1-What is your IGN?*

2-How often are you on?*

3-What tier are you?*

4-How often do you craft things?

5-How often do you do boss runs and which do you do?*

6-If I give away free cake, which cake do you like better? Chocolate or Vanilla?

7-What are your equips?*

8-What is the super secret passcode of super secretliness?

9-What bosses can you KILL?*

10-Why do YOU want to join our guild?*

[*=Required to answer]

Notable Knights

About the Guild Masters

About the Guild Masters::

Homminid-Not me. That other GM. Or thing. It we will call it. Haha JK. Homminid is a great bud of mine, he knows me in real life and he helps newbs get their T2 access and such. He is in T3 and as soon as I taunt him to get a elemental weapon (He's planning on getting a avenger) we will do more FSC runs with him. He has great humor.

Bigfootm-Me! Time to have fun! I would name my list of epic stuff but.. Let's not. xD Anyway, I am too humorous, know Homm IRL, do FSC, Jelly, sometimes ICMF. I tend to help people get 2* gear and if they have the money and I got the recipes, craft them 3*. I am currently working on getting a few more items and will have those quite soon. We will help you.

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