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Lancer Knightz
GuildLogo-Lancer Knightz.png

A selection of Lancer Knightz members.

Guild Founder: Whitelancer, Shakugan, Pula
Approx. Population: 85
Guild Master(s):

Zverolka, Donkeyhaute, Shakugan


This is the official wiki page for the Spiral Knights guild Lancer Knightz. Our guild is much like other casual guilds in the game, but with these distinguishing characteristics:

  • We're one of the oldest living guilds. We formed in April 2011, shortly after Spiral Knights launched.
  • We run a long-lived project to collect data on weapons, missions, etc..
  • While some of our members like PvP, we're not into PvP as a guild. If you're looking for an elite PvP guild, then you might not be satisfied here.

There are no official requirements for entry to Lancer Knightz. If you are a pleasant, active player, then we'd love to have you.


Our guild is casual. We have very few rules, most of which are obvious.

  1. Be pleasant. Don't beg, scam, or use any insulting language or slurs.
  2. Our guild members sometimes place items in Member Storage. It is intended to help new knights. Take what you personally need, but don't take stuff just to sell or trade away.
  3. Although the guild has to pay weekly fees to maintain its guild hall, we do not force every member to contribute weekly. Contributions are voluntary. Suggested weekly contributions are 1,000 per Veteran and 2,000 per Officer, for example.

In Lancer Knightz, rank is based not on gear or skill, but rather on being mature, responsible, and helpful.

  1. When you first join our guild, you are a Recruit. Your new guildmates welcome you into the guild. They may offer to go into the Clockworks with you or join you on a PvP team.
  1. You get promoted to Member as soon as it's clear that you are going to be an active player. If we invite you one day, and on the next day we see that you're back, then that may be good enough. Traditionally, most people in Lancer Knightz are Members.
  1. A Veteran is a member who has demonstrated that he is active, experienced, and responsible. Promotion to Veteran requires at least one month in the guild.
  1. An Officer is a highly experienced, active, trusted member of the guild. Officers recruit new Recruits and promote new Members and Veterans in accordance with the guild rules. They do not promote Officers or remove any guild members. They do make make expensive guild hall purchases. To be promoted to Officer, you must demonstrate maturity, enthusiasm for the guild, and a willingness to recruit. Apply to the Guild Masters.
  1. The Guild Masters manage the membership of the guild, by removing inactive or disruptive members and promoting new Officers. Occasionally they alter guild policy and start new projects. Promotion to Guild Master happens very rarely, and there is no guideline for who deserves it.


Whitelancer created Lancer Knightz in mid-April 2011, with Pula and Shakugan. (Spiral Knights itself launched on April 4, 2011.) After a couple of months, however, Whitelancer left the guild to start Valkyrie Knights, Pula followed him, and Shakugan went dormant.

Donkeyhaute was invited into Lancer Knightz by Pula in mid-April 2011, and was the eighth or ninth member of the guild. Around the time that Whitelancer and Pula left, he was abruptly promoted from Recruit to Guild Master over a 10-day period. As the de facto leader, Donkeyhaute created our various rank systems, our defunct recipe-sharing scheme, our food-sharing scheme, our ongoing data collection project, and this wiki page.

By the summer of 2011, most of the guild's members had become inactive, as Spiral Knights often do after a few months. Representatives of The Ascendicate approached Lancer Knightz, suggesting that the guilds be merged. Sooch, who was then an Officer, convinced Donkeyhaute that they should try to revive the moribund Lancer Knightz, rather than abandon it. Sooch was promoted to Guild Master and helped rebuild the guild to a high level of activity.

By the autumn of 2011, the guild had become a bit dormant again. Norpo, who was arguably the social hub of the guild, was promoted to Guild Master. He spearheaded the recruitment of numerous highly active knights. The guild became more prosperous than ever before.

In September 2012, the Ascendicate merged with Delicious Bacon to form Coalesce.

On 9 November 2012, Epoxee replaced Norpo as Guild Master, after Norpo had grown dormant. Epoxee was our first Guild Master, other than the founders, to live outside North America.

By March 2013, we were no longer in contact with Coalesce or Valkyrie Knights, as our contacts left those guilds or moved to the Asian servers.

In April 2013, Fafaprince replaced Donkeyhaute and Zverolka replaced Sooch. (Donkeyhaute and Sooch had led the guild for over a year and a half, and felt that others should get a chance.) Zverolka organized a slimeball tournament.

In October 2013, Fafaprince resigned as Guild Master, giving the guild a special gift of 300,000 crowns. He is still an Officer in the guild.

Sooch left the guild in early 2014. In spring of 2015 Zverolka went dormant, Donkeyhaute was re-promoted, and Epoxee demoted himself to Officer.

Donkeyhaute revised this wiki page in August 2018, loosening the promotion criteria. He is the active Guild Master. Shakugan is technically still the head of Lancer Knightz. Sooch quit the game on March 5, 2019.


For more images, check out our guild photogallery.


Guild members are encouraged to organize projects, events, and activities, to enrich our lives in the guild and to serve the wider Spiral Knights community.

Boss Furniture

We have completed our big Snarbolax, Royal Jelly and big Roarmulus statue :). We're also about 1/4 done with our big Vanaduke statue - would be nice to get some help on it :D.

Data Collection Project

Donkeyhaute runs our long-standing project to collect data on various aspects of the game. Your data and ideas are welcome.


We are always looking for enthusiastic members who are interested in promoting PvP within Lancer Knightz — either for guild-vs-guild or individual play. Let Donkeyhaute know, if you're really into PvP and want to get more of our members into it.

Old Activities

We used to have many such projects. Our recipe sharing project was made obsolete by the mission system. Our forum, Steam group, contests, lotteries, and organized PvP are largely defunct. You are welcome to revive them!

Slimeball Championship


Once we had a guild event we called Slimeball. It's a shield-bumping game that could be played with a little lichen. Anyone from the guild can join, there is no entry fee, and anyone could win. You just need to be quick with a shield. It was quite fun :D thought we had some problems arranging games cause of different playing schedule of players. Possible we would give it one more try later.

Here you can take a look at the example of the field and the game:

Procedure: Someone finds a field to play. It must be a map with slimes. You need to find a field with 2 gates - at the right and at the left. Don't kill all cause you need a ball! For a ball you need to find a lichen. Better to take one-nucleus. Bump it to the field. Then you call your opponent, a referee and the game begins! For the referee you can take any Officer or GM. You can play without a one but in this case if you want for the results to be accepted you need to take a video of the match.

A good map was found on rank mission 3-1 Alien Ooze on 2nd level.

Rule (tentative):

  1. You can bump the lichen with a shield. It's forbidden to attack the ball :). After 1-st attack you get a yellow card. After 2 attacks you lose.
  2. After each goal the time stops, the referee returns the ball to the center, then he shouts "START" and the game continues.
  3. The game has 2 rounds, after the 1-st the gates switch. Each round is held for 5 minutes (maybe will be set a little more). If no goal is scored you get additional time - 5 minutes. If still no goal then as usually - a penalty time comes from the spot the referee shows - until someone misses.
  4. You can heal any time before the game. But if you die during the game - sorry, you lose.
  5. The game is played in the olympic system. For the semifinales, finale and the match for the 3-rd place a GM has to be the referee.
  6. When your opponent is announced, you have 4 days to arrange your match.

It will also be great if someone would record videos of the last four matches.

Food Sharing

Donkeyhaute has launched a new scheme for sharing sprite food, to avoid the mineral bottleneck. Your participation is greatly appreciated.

Steam Group

GulliverBFG has started a Steam group for us. As a forum, the Steam group is somewhat more polished than the Spiral Knights forums. All guild members are encouraged to participate. Here is the process for signing up:

  1. If you don't already have a Steam ID, then make one here. You don't need to play Spiral Knights through Steam, and you don't have to buy any games.
  2. Edit your Steam profile to mention Spiral Knights, Lancer Knightz, and maybe your in-game knight name. A few details like these make you much easier for us to find.
  3. Find GulliverBFG or Donkeyhaute on Steam, and add him as a friend. Or, in Spiral Knights, send a mail message to GulliverBFG or Donkeyhaute with your Steam ID. As soon as he can find you on Steam, he will invite you into the Lancer Knightz Steam group.
  4. Check your Steam profile for your invitation. Accept it, and you're ready to go.


Shuraka held a lottery on the night of Halloween 2012, to give out a variety of Hallow items donated by the guild. Here are some of the prizes awarded: Akiroar got Raiment and Plate Mail. Bionicfusion got Cloak and Hood. Boomkid got Scale Helm, Sallet, and Round Helm. Dhalgren got Cuirass, Crescent Helm, Maid Headband. Donkeyhaute got Sallet and Tailed Helm. Squamph got Crescent Helm and Hood. Swolenator got Mecha Wings and Com Unit. Tsiddique got Toupee and some armors. Dhalgren also got a trinket slot upgrade.

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