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Leviathan Knights
GuildLogo-Leviathan Knights.png

Don't splash water on us please xD

Guild Founder: Fallen-Valkyrie

Leviathan-Knight (AltAccount)

Approx. Population: 75
Guild Master(s):
  • Fallen-Valkyrie
  • Leviathan-Knight (AltAccount)
  • Zero-Dragon
Guild Officer(s):
  • Fly-Rite (Hydro's Alt)
  • Hydromaniac
  • Jumbie
  • Mopzee


Leviathan Knights, yep I am gonna start the guild back up again so if it seemed like the guild was down, I don't know. I took a bit of a vacation from Spiral Knights yet again, but I am back again this summer. Once every year I (Fallen-Valkyrie) will take a few months off on vacation so the other Guild Masters and Guild Officers will be running things in my absence.


This guild was was founded and owned by Fallen-Valkyrie, the name itself comes from the water dragon and sword from Spiral Knights "Leviathan", the dragon god of water, legends of the Leviathan are some what exaggerated some being that Leviathan is that of Poseidon but no one knows for sure.

You DO NOT need the Leviathan Blade to join the guild! (

The guild accepts EVERYONE. The guild is, basically, very laid back. We make friends everywhere in Spiral Knights and recruit any who want to join. Our guild is a place where people can recieve aid when they need it, and make new friends.

The guild also has it's own website! It's still under construction, but it is done to the point where the memebers can join, so here is the link!

Leviathan Knight Web Page

Simple ways of joining and being promoted

The promotions has been changed, upon gaining certain ranks you will be promoted. *Rank 10: Vanguard is only for deemed willing and trust worthy Spiral Knights, due to problematic situations in the past, officer status WILL NOT be given lightly.

  • Rank 1: Recruit - recruit start out
  • Rank 2: Apprentice
  • Rank 3: Squire - promotion to member
  • Rank 4: Soldier
  • Rank 5: Knight
  • Rank 6: Knight Elite - promotion to veteran
  • Rank 7: Defender
  • Rank 8: Defender Elite
  • Rank 9: Champion - promotion to officer, must be trustworthy
  • Rank 10: Vanguard - promotion to Guild Master, this promotion has been restricted and GM/Founder will be the one who will judge on who becomes GM

Rules of Guild

Rules are as followed:

  • Must remain loyal to Guild master
  • Drama is unacceptable
  • MUST be respectful to other members
  • Must be active
  • Must be willing to do Guild runs in the Clockworks and missions for promotions
  • MUST be mature
  • Members are to ask before inviting others to their missions, as is only fair

Members and Guild Masters

This is the list of all loyal and honorable people that make up the guild Leviathan Knights, we take pride and respect every one here:

Want to Join?

Simply contact a member of the guild staff via mail, or post on the guild recruitment post in the Spiral Knights Forums! The guild staff will get back to you as fast as humanly able!

Banned from guild

This is the list of people who can not come back to the guild ever, these individuals have proven themself unfit to rejoin the guild ranks:


Schedules/Whats going on

Upcoming Guild Events

In the case of upcoming events, the event discription will be displayed here and notices will be mailed (in-game) to all members.

 There are currently 0 Upcoming Events
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