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Slime Family
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Lichen are a type of enemy encountered in the Clockworks.


Unlike their cubic cousins, Lichens can be a little more tricky in a fight; if they can't merge together to create a larger singular being which eventually evolves into more dangerous forms, then they're able to cause statuses. Unlike most monsters which have identical attack patterns across different themed variations, Lichen attacks can vary depending on their Status, even being able to benefit from being afflicted with one. The Soul Jelly is the sole exception to this rule, as it cannot merge or inflict a Status.

Lichens can inflict normal and piercing damage.



Lichen Colony

Giant Lichen Colony






Giant Toxoil

Void Gel


  • Defeating non-elemental Lichens is very simple, but you must keep in mind that when they merge:
    • The resulting Lichen has full health and is cured of status effects
    • Four normal lichens make a lichen colony, and seven make a giant colony. It is important to notice that any combination of the sort can get you one. For example: merging two double lichens ( that is, lichens made by merging two normal lichens) also results in a colony. Merging a triple lichen with a colony gets you a giant colony.
    • Double and triple lichens looks slightly different in size. It is important to note which is which. the same applies to colonies and giant colonies, so you can know the number of total lichens in each.
    • Giant colonies seem to have unlimited lichen absorption, but may only do so when damaged, to regain full health.
    • The bigger they get, the harder they hit you
    • For more skilled players, it may be beneficial to let them form into giant colonies before attacking so you will get increased heat
  • Don't let Red Rovers take notice of you when there are Oilers or Toxoils around, and don't use weapons that inflict fire or they will be set aflame.
  • Oilers slide around for a bit after they stop moving, meaning they can charge up an attack and still hit you as you run away.
  • A frozen Oiler or Toxoil will lose its "aflame" status, and elemental damage will do normal damage to it instead of reduced damage. They can be relit quite easily however from fire traps, shadow fire, red rovers and other lit oilers.
  • If a Quicksilver has been shocked, it can damage or kill other enemies (including other Quicksilvers, which can be useful when there are a large number of Quicksilvers in the vicinity) but will heal itself.

Notable Lichens

Soul Jelly



  • According to the Rank Mission: Alien Ooze, Lichens are an alien species of the slime family thought to have come to the Clockworks via a meteor that crashed on to the surface of Cradle. A specific Scenario Room shows a meteor crashed into the Clockworks with some Lichens nearby.
  • The Prestige Mission: A Pinch of Salt states that Lichens hate Rock Salt; this material makes them dissolve. Additionally, Lichens are unable to cross the salt barriers made by the Geo Knights before players enter the elevator to Haven.
  • Toxoils and Giant Toxoils were created by Herex but apparently formed an intelligence well beyond the scope of a standard bio-toxin. Herex ordered the facility destroyed seeing that those experiments could endanger the Order.
  • The Starlight Cradle levels were accidentally added on the second Depth of the Iron Bishop Gate on 10/26/13. This included the Slooms and Sloombargos. This bug was fixed on 10/28/2013.

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