Lichenous Lair

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Lichenous Lair
Gate-Lichenous Lair.png
Important stratum themes:
  • Lichen to a Polyp

The Lichenous Lair is a region. Regions categorize levels with similar characteristics that have been incorporated into the Clockworks.


No gate icon description for this region.


Each level map is composed of randomly generated segments.

Levels are populated by multitudes of Lichens and Polyps. Gun Puppies, Lumbers, and Jelly Cubes are somewhat common encounters. Alpha Wolvers appear in certain segments.

Crystal Blocks and Plants are found throughout. Brambles are a common sight.

The background is a starry night sky dome with moon bulbs.

Similar grassy terrain can be seen in the Aurora Isles, Jigsaw Valley, Starlight Cradle, Treasure Trove, and Wolver Den.


Lichens are strange, alien varieties of slimes thought to have arrived on this world in a large meteor. While a single-cell colony is mostly harmless, they can quickly combine into a most terrible foe. Keep them from mingling! Exploration-Information-ComLink.pngInformation Module



  • release 2011-04-04: Levels of this region have been available for exploration since launch.
  • release 2012-06-06: Soundtrack changed from "Two Slimes Are Better Than One" to "Lichen to a Polyp".

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