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Current Guild Master: Trackerehs

Current Population: 64+

This is a well organized guild that is expanding currently as new players are joining. It is a guild that soon will consist of tier 3 players exclusively. Lost Heroes specializes in Firestorm Citadel runs, so most players have equips adept for this sport. As of now we are looking for cooperative members willing to dedicate time and spirit to make this guild a successful one. --Hdlee888 15:47, 4 December 2011 (UTC)


  • Player must be tier 3 or almost tier 3
  • Player must be dedicated and willing to aid in our cause
  • Respect towards other knights. ( Seems like a minor issue but we want a clean environment.)
  • No begging, scamming, or doing any action that may make other knights feel uncomfortable in some way.
  • No asking for rank promotions~We will know whether you deserve it or not!

In Terms of Guild Rankings:

Members of Lost Heroes will have either the rank of member, veteran, officer, or guild master. There will be no recruits. As incoming knights receive trust from others, the guild master will gradually move them to the higher ranks. There cannot be an excess amount of officers or guild masters at a time--there is a limit. As mentioned earlier, begging to receive a rank promotion is not acceptable. The existence of this guild is supported by charitable, loyal members, not those attracted by power. Overall, officers have the power to:

  • Remove offensive players
  • Remove those who never go online

Note: Guild masters take charge of the whole guild and has to take most of the responsibilities and has all the powers of officers.

Member to Member Interaction

It is greatly appreciated for all members to help each other as a whole.

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