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Lotus Storm
GuildLogo-Lotus Storm.png

Lettuce Corn

Guild Founder: Theredcomet
Approx. Population: 61
Guild Master(s):
Guild Officer(s):
Website: http://lotusstorm.lefora.com
Steam Group: http://steamcommunity.com/groups/LotusStorm


Lotus Storm was founded by Theredcomet on Thursday, June 30, 2011. Lotus Storm is a Spiral Knights Guild full of skillful, and generous members! Lotus Storm is currently open and is accepting members.


Even though Lotus Storm is laid back, we still have rules. Follow them, and the experience will be great for everyone!

  • No harassing members or other players. This includes spamming chats, scamming / begging players for profit in Haven, etc. Remember you are representing Lotus Storm. Please keep in mind that we have children who play the game in the guild. Try to keep all communication age appropriate.
  • Be Active! You will be demoted a rank for each month of inactivity, then removed from the guild when there are no more ranks. If you need extra time, please contact an Officer or Guild Master.
  • Be fair to everyone. Revive your fallen guildmates share your clockworks' spoils (especially pills) and your time and knowledge. Each member of the party on Shadow Lair runs will pay 1/4th of the cost of the key to the original key purchaser. This makes it affordable for every Lotus Storm member to access the Shadow Lair content. Do no be greedy with shared guild resources (Mist Well Member / Veteran / Officer Storage).

If you break these rules, punishment will result in demotion or being kicked from the guild. Interpretation of these rules is based on Officer and Guild Master best judgement. If you do not agree with your punishment you can appeal to a Guild Master. All appeals will be voted on by Officers and Guild Masters. All Guild Master decisions are final.

Joining and Promotion

It's easy to join! We either invite you, or you request to join by asking a Guild Master or Officer. Once in the guild, we offer daily clockwork runs friendly advice and even help upgrade your stuff! Everyone is friends in this guild. It's a safe environment to just be laid back and kill things; all in one serving.

  • Recruits Welcome to the guild! Look around and stay a while!
  • Members are promoted from recruits based on following the rules. By following the rules you should be promoted quickly.
  • Veterans Are members who have proven themselves in runs and have been loyal to the guild and its members.
  • Officers are trusted loyal members who have proven themselves to the Guild Masters. All officer promotions are voted on by Guild Masters and Officers. Promotion is based on length of time in the guild, trustworthiness, ability to play the game well, and leadership abilities.
  • Guild Masters are long-time members of the guild. Promotions are based on the Guild Masters' choice.

Guild Masters

Budadose Insectica Rwar Theredcomet


Blueflood Castione Lushkar Onslash
Sireez Xosm Xsevious Yomigama Yeyasonic


Anticso Artized Corhodzic Deepsi Evillancer
Jan-Gal Jumbonax Lakhell Lawldawg Lukew Minase
Odecius Qwez Scallian Wedmoretw


If you're a member of Lotus Storm, help keep the wiki page accurate!

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