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'''[[Frequently Asked Questions]]&nbsp; {{bul}} [[Support Portal]]&nbsp; {{bul}} [[Terms of Service]]'''
'''[[Frequently Asked Questions]]&nbsp; {{bul}} [[Support Portal]]&nbsp; {{bul}} [http://www.spiralknights.com/tos.xhtml Terms of Service]'''

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Welcome to Spiral Knights! Join us in exploring this new world and discovering its secrets!

Basic Training
Icon-Basic Training.png

Equipment Encyclopedia
Icon-arsenal-small.png Arsenal Icon-alchemy.png Crafting Icon-usable.png Usables
Icon-armor.png Armor Icon-bomb.png Bombs Icon-helmet.png Helmets
Icon-handgun.png Handguns Icon-shield.png Shields Icon-sword.png Swords
Icon-battle sprite.png Battle Sprites Icon-accessory.png Accessories Icon-trinket.png Trinkets
Clockworks Handbook
Icon-Clockworks Handbook.png

Social Compendium
Icon-social-mp.png Chat Icon-social-mp.png Friends
Icon-social-mp.png Emote Icon-social-mp.png Guilds
Icon-social-mp.png Mail Icon-social-mp.png Ignore
Icon-social-mp.png Trade

Frequently Asked Questions  Bullet.png  Support Portal  Bullet.png  Terms of Service

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