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  .*Numbe.r u‎.*
  .*Numbe.r u‎.*

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  1. This is a title blacklist. Titles and users that match a regular expression here cannot be created.
  2. Use "#" for comments.
  3. This is case insensitive by default
  4. Don't use <newaccountonly> as we use an external database for users

# tech support spam
.*supp(o|0)rt helpline.*                   
.*(help[ \.]+desk|phone)[ \.]+number.*
.*customer care.*                      
.*service (tech|supp(ort)?).*             
.*customer service number.*           
.*tech(nical)?[ \.]+support.*          
.*(.*[^\d]|)1[ \-]\d{3}[ \-]\d{3}[ \-]\d{3}.*
.*.1[ \-\.]?8[0oO]{2}[ \-\.]?\d{3}[ \-\.]?\d{2}[0oO].*
.*(dell|hp|brother|canon) printer.* 
.*[I1][ \-~\.]?8[ \-~\.]?[0oO][ \-~\.]?[0oO][ \-~\.]?26[ \-~\.]?9[ \-~\.]?{I1][ \-~\.]?6[ \-~\.]?[0oO][ \-~\.]?8.*
.*[nN]orton [lL]ive [hH]elp.*
.*(helpline|tech|s(ervice|upport)) (tele)?phone number.*
.*(facebook|quickbooks) (customer|helpline|support|technical|on-?line).*
.*gmail ?(tech|customer)? (service|support).*
.*(help desk|support)(.?phone)?.?number.*
.*tech support (helpline )?n.*
.*better page rank.*
.*toll free (1800|number).*                     
.*1800\d{7} helpline number.*                    
.*customer service n[ou].*
.*Support Number.*
.*Contact USA@.*
.*help line number.*
.*helpline number.*
.*tech support.*
.*quick books.*
.*Yes i am 
.*Service Number‎.*
.*G mail
.*C ustomer.*
.*S ervice.*
.*8 8 8.*
.*8 O O.*
.*8 0 0.*
.*Whom is.*
.*Yes i am.*
.*Main Page.*
.*Numbe.r u‎.*
.*Te. ch nical.*
.*ph one.*
.*su pp ort .*
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