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A Pickup is an item that can be found in the Clockworks. Pickups are transient items, meaning that they will not be brought back to Haven with the player's knight.


Vial Belt.png
Pickups are picked up by walking over them. They are added to your belt shown at the bottom of the screen. Press the numbers 4 - 7 to use a pickup. Vials are thrown and other items are consumed on the spot. There is room for only 3 pickups per slot of the same item in the belt, and you can only have one slot of each type.


Capsules are used to affect your health or status. Press the numbers 4 - 7 to consume the capsule. Note: if you are interrupted or attacked while using them you won't be healed and the capsule won't be consumed.

Effect Capsule ★☆☆☆☆ Super Capsule ★★★☆☆ Ultra Capsule ★★★★★ Description
Health Item-Health Capsule.png Item-Super Health Capsule.png Item-Ultra Health Capsule.png Health capsules replenish a knights health bar, and come in three different types: standard, super and ultra. They restore 3, 6 and 12 bars respectively.
Remedy Item-Remedy Capsule.png N/A N/A When consumed, remedy capsules remove afflictions you may have such as fire, curse, stun, etc. Before release 2017-05-11, the only status condition they were not able to remove was sleep.


Vials are thrown to affect a target's status. Press the numbers 4 - 7 (as default) to ready a vial and click the ATTACK key to throw the vial in the direction your knight is facing. All vials come in a more powerful variation with the same color as the lesser vial, shown as a larger bottle marked with a star. If a knight takes damage while holding a vial in preparation to throw it, it will be broken and potentially wasted.

Vials will destroy projectiles in their path when thrown. Vials thrown at projectiles that leave ground effects (Gremlin's mines, Chromalisk's spit) will cause the projectile to fall where the collision occurred. Rockets from Rocket Puppies will detonate on impact with a thrown vial. Other projectiles such as bullets from Gun Puppies will simply vanish when hit. In all cases, the vial will NOT be destroyed upon intercepting a projectile.

Status Vial ☆☆☆☆☆ Super Vial ★★☆☆☆ Ultra Vial ★★★★☆ Description
Curse Item-Curse Vial.png Item-Super Curse Vial.png Item-Ultra Curse Vial.png A Curse Vial will curse the target, making it take damage for each attack it executes.
Fire Item-Fire Vial.png Item-Super Fire Vial.png Item-Ultra Fire Vial.png A Fire Vial will temporarily set the target on fire and deals fire damage over time.
Freeze Item-Freeze Vial.png Item-Super Freeze Vial.png Item-Ultra Freeze Vial.png A Freeze Vial will temporarily trap the target in a block of ice making it unable to move and turn, but still able to attack. If the target takes damage, the ice will be shattered.
Poison Item-Poison Vial.png Item-Super Poison Vial.png Item-Ultra Poison Vial.png A Poison Vial will temporarily poison the target. This will lower its attack power by 50% and defense power by 10%. This status will also cause the target to take damage if healed.
Shock Item-Shock Vial.png Item-Super Shock Vial.png Item-Ultra Shock Vial.png A Shock Vial inflicts shock on the target which interrupts its actions and causes damage at random intervals.
Sleep Item-Sleep Vial.png Item-Super Sleep Vial.png Item-Ultra Sleep Vial.png A Sleep Vial will temporarily put the target to sleep, which will make the target unable to move or attack. Target will regenerate health while affected; this effect may be delayed.
Stun Item-Stun Vial.png Item-Super Stun Vial.png Item-Ultra Stun Vial.png A Stun Vial will temporarily stun the target, making it slower to move and attack.


Barrier summons two constantly rotating orbs around the user, akin to Drakon's Flame Barrier without the defense buff.

The duration of the orbs lasts approximately 8 seconds, inflicting a chance of Strong status upon the target. Barriers can also be used to open Treasure Boxes, hit Minerals, and destroy Blocks. It will not, however, stop incoming Rockets from Rocket Puppies along with other projectiles.

Barrier's Damage Table
Stratum 1 Stratum 2 Stratum 3 Stratum 4 Stratum 5 Stratum 6
Elite Barrier 9 - 16 24 - 32 33 - 49 61 - 81 104 - 137 150 - 148
Advanced Barrier 7 - 12 17 - 24 25 - 36 43 - 57 73 - 99 107
Normal Barrier 5 - 9 11 - 15 17 - 24 29 - 38 47 - 61 67 - 71
  • All barriers share the same damage despite their rank. However, difficulty modifies the damage dealt.
  • Rank only increases Status strength.

Status Barrier ☆☆☆☆☆ Super Barrier ★★★☆☆ Ultra Barrier ★★★★☆ Description
Fire Item-Fire Barrier.png Item-Super Fire Barrier.png Item-Ultra Fire Barrier.png Surrounds you with fiery orbs that can set hostiles ablaze.

Freeze Item-Freeze Barrier.png Item-Super Freeze Barrier.png Item-Ultra Freeze Barrier.png Surrounds you with icy orbs that can freeze hostiles in their tracks.
Shock Item-Shock Barrier.png Item-Super Shock Barrier.png Item-Ultra Shock Barrier.png Surrounds you with orbs of lightning that can give hostiles a jolt.
Poison Item-Poison Barrier.png Item-Super Poison Barrier.png Item-Ultra Poison Barrier.png Surrounds you with toxic orbs that can cripple hostiles.


Item-MechKnight Kit.png Mecha Knight Kit ☆☆☆☆☆ Description: Instantly creates a Mecha Knight for your protection. — Tooltip

Constructs your own Mecha Knight that will follow you as far as the next elevator and attack your foes. These constructs wield both a Tempered Calibur and Great Defender and will constantly attack monsters and defend against their projectiles until they run out of Health.

Mecha Knights will randomly suffer from the shock status condition and can spread it to nearby Knights and Monsters. These Mecha Knights act in the same way as derelict Mecha Knights which have been powered with energy.

There can be a infinite amount of Mecha Knights on the field; however, Support-category pickups, including Mecha Knight Kits, have much lower drop rates than Capsule-, Vial- and Barrier-category pickups, making it very difficult to gather enough kits to deploy several Mecha Knights at once.

Item-Artillery Strike.png Artillery Strike ☆☆☆☆☆ Description: A portable beacon that when deployed, summons a barrage of powerful rockets. — Tooltip

The Artillery Strike will summon a barrage of 6 Rockets, landing in random spots around the vicinity of the drop location of the item. The damage depends on the game difficulty.

Artillery Strike's Damage Table
Stratum 1 Stratum 2 Stratum 3 Stratum 4 Stratum 5 Stratum 6
Elite 16 - 30 44 - 58 61 - 90 109 - 138 173 - 224 245 - 262
Advanced 10 - 20 30 - 40 40 - 61 75 - 95 120 - 156 170 - 177
Normal 9 - 16 24 - 32 33 - 49 61 - 81 104 - 137 150 - 148
Item-Auto Turret Kit.png Auto Turret Kit ☆☆☆☆☆ Description: Deploys an auto turret that fires at nearby hostiles — Tooltip

The Auto Turret Kit acts much akin to a Mecha Turret, providing a stationary turret that fires a laser, pushing targets around and dealing damage until the Turret expires.

Item-Ranger Signal Flare.png Ranger Signal Flare ★★★★★ Description: A flare that signals a nearby Recon Ranger to provide support fire. — Tooltip

The Ranger Signal Flare will summon a Recon Ranger with an Autogun to appear and Deathmark one target, removing their defense completely for a split second and provide firearm support for a set duration.

Despite not having a visible Health Bar, they can be Knocked Out. This will cause them to instantly leave the field.

Item-Ocarina of Slime.png Ocarina of Slime ☆☆☆☆☆ Description: Call up a companion cube to complete your conquest. — Tooltip

The Ocarina of Slime will summon an allied blue Slime to fight for your party. It will attack nearby targets with a spin attack and can automatically heal after taking damage. These pickups can be obtained from the Golden Prize Wheel.


Item-Luck Potion.png Luck Potion ★★★★★ Description: A syrupy secretion used by some to strengthen serendipity. (Spiral HQ is unable to determine any actual effect.) — Tooltip

Only available from the Golden Prize Wheel. It acts as a consumable and increases chance of getting good item from the Wheel for a some time. Enhancing effect is stackable but has some limit.

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