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NPC: Gremlin
Primary Location(s):
  • Variable. See gallery.
  • Flamethrower Attack normal icon.png Icon status fire.png
  • Balefire Attack normal icon.png Icon status fire.png
  • Weak to: Defense shadow icon.png
  • Resistant to: Defense elemental icon.png
  • None.

Razwog is an NPC.


Razwog is a short gremlin with one of their ear cut, they have goggles with small green lenses, a pink jumpsuit with dark grey pants, and a dark red chest and shoulders. His fur is jagged with a green tint, a beard is visible, and he has a nose ring above his mouth, which - like most gremlin mouths - is filled with sharp teeth. Similar to gremlin scorchers, he wields a flamethrower. This weapon is a darker color than any wielded by a normal gremlin scorcher and has a green nozzle with a blue flame.


Despite being only the first biotic, fully sentient foe encountered in the game, Razwog has the most extensive cutscenes of any enemy character in Spiral Knights: on the 5/9/2012 patch notes, Three Rings noted that he is part of a preview of the greater storyline content intended for the game[1].

The first time Razwog is encountered, he gets very upset over the presence of the newly-recruited Knights in his lair and orders his grey Battlepod and several Retrodes to attack the party. After the Battlepod is defeated, he retreats while exclaiming that he will come back to deal with them later, leaving the party to grab the Artifact.

Mission 1-4 sees Razwog appear early in the stage, in a room filled with large rockets. He demands the Artifact to be returned or else he would detonate aforementioned rockets and kill the party. Rhendon hands it over in an attempt to avoid the party's death, but Razwog blows the rockets up anyway, forcing the party to traverse a burning obstacle course for most of the remainder of the stage.

Near the end of mission 1-4, Razwog is encountered for a third and final time as the game's first boss. Surprised that the party managed to get out of the inferno alive, Razwog nonetheless vows to kill them. Razwog's abilities are akin to those of the Scorchers, the gremlin slowly wandering around the room and projecting waves of fire; he also spawns constructs at the beginning of the fight. After sustaining a certain amount of damage, Razwog will fall to the ground, play dead, and become invincible until his constructs are destroyed, after which he will get up and resume the fight by summoning new constructs: after his first "revival", Razwog also gains the ability to shoot huge waves of fire instead of just a simple stream (although these do not travel as far as a normal wave of fire). After taking enough damage, Razwog falls to the ground and dies, leaving the party to polish off the remaining constructs, collect the Artifact, and finish their trip to Haven largely unimpeded.



??? - Pending


This character has been in the game since release 2012-05-09.

Schemer Razwog is a Gremlin encountered in the 1-2 Interface-icon-PvE.png Mission: The Ancient Generator and the 1-4 Interface-icon-PvE.png Mission: Crossing the Chasm; he is the first gremlin a spiral knight has to fight in the game.

Razwog is the most unkempt-looking gremlin yet seen in Spiral Knights.

As mission 1-4 becomes unavailable when completed, Razwog is currently the only Spiral Knights boss that can be fought only once: he is also the only boss with no unique drops, presumably as a consequence of this.

Razwog's body can be inspected after he is defeated; doing so will reveal that he has a strange Crimson symbol on his clothing.

According to Nick, "He's a special guy, but his title (Schemer) basically means 'engineer' in gremlin terms" [2].



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