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'''Retired Officers:'''
'''Retired Officers:'''

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Recon Knights
GuildLogo-Recon Knights.png

Strong alone, stronger together.

Guild Founder: Cherryberry
Approx. Population: 30

Guild Officer(s):
  • Brul
  • Sparkplug
  • Tarkai
  • Aregoth
  • Rezkid
  • Hetzi
  • Peakyr
  • Koekjje

Recon Knights

Welcome to the Wiki page of Recon Knights. We're a fairly small and casual Guild, here more as a group of friends to chat with than a serious gameplay Guild. We do frequent casual PvE runs (as opposed to serious Vanaduke grinding, Shadow Lairs or Lockdown), and we don't ask our membership to donate anything - though donations are appreciated! If you're looking for somewhere to relax and have a friendly chat, then we may be the place for you.

How to Apply

Recon Knights prides itself on being an inclusive Guild, accepting members regardless of rank or experience. Many of our members joined before they had reached Tier 3 or even Tier 2 clearance. We are more than happy to advise and train you on your journey through the game, should you show willingness to learn. To join, simply wander into our Guild Hall and ask! If no-one is there, send a friend request to any of our Officers or Guild Master, saying you wish to join and we’ll try to arrange a time to start the application process.

Application Process

Applying to join the Guild comes in two stages, an interview and a run. The interview is nothing formal: It’s just a friendly chat to get to know you a bit better, and to see if we like you and if we think you will be suitable for us. Afterwards we’ll go for a run with you on any level of your choice, though we do ask that it isn’t anything that will take a great deal of time. Again, this is to get to know you. We do expect some competence of our recruits, though we will expect less of a newer player than one who has reached Vanguard. Afterwards, you will be invited back to the Guild Hall. If we think you would fit, then we’ll invite you!

What we look for in a Potential Recruit

  • A reasonable standard of English
  • Maturity
  • Friendliness
  • Sociability
  • Good humour
  • A level of competence appropriate to rank
  • A self-awareness of ability, including any strengths or weaknesses.
  • Where appropriate, a willingness to learn.

Promotion Criteria

Recruit: Requires the approval of the Guild Master or Officer.

Member: Must be active, and be fairly well known to the other Guild members and requires the approval of at least one member ranked Veteran or higher and another ranked Officer or higher. (NOTE: If you believe you are eligible to be promoted to member, but have not been considered yet, please contact one of the Officers and we will discuss the matter amongst ourselves.)

Veteran: Requirements are same as for member but furthermore, you must have reached the rank of Vanguard and have the approval of at least two Officers or the Guild Master and one Officer. You should also be known for assisting other Guild members, particularly those of a lower player rank.

Officer: As this position holds great power and responsibility, it shall not be given out lightly. Officers must be widely known throughout the Guild and conduct themselves with impeccable professionalism.

Guild Master: Cherryberry is the sole Guild Master. This rank is not open.

Retired Officer: A highly regarded Member of Recon Knights who rose to the rank of Officer and who has given good service to the Guild but has either since left or for various reasons decided to step down from that office to Veteran status.

Honorary Member: These are good friends of the Guild who, for various reasons, usually having Guilds of their own and are not members of this Guild. They are highly respected and are treated as one of our own.

Current Members

Guild Master: Cherryberry

Cherry (female) comes from England and has been playing Spiral Knights for several years. Her weapons of choice are guns and swords and favourite weapon is her Polaris. She set up the Guild on 7 July 2013 for a few friends and it has been growing ever since and is pleased to say is going from strength to strength. Her aim is to extend the Guild Hall gradually and, of course, to have fun!

Current Officers:


Brul started playing in June 2011. As a swordsman he explored every depth and slowly worked his way down to the Core. On a trip in the Clockworks he found his favourite weapon - a bomb and became a bomber. So if you see lightning and hear thunder, don’t fear; Brul is probably near!


Sparkplug, better known as Spark is a very experienced knight and has over 100,000 prestige points! He also has five pets - wow that’s a lot of pet food!


Tarkai (aka Tark) crash landed on Cradle on 14 August 2014 and ever since has been exploring the Clockworks through many expeditions. His main weapon of choice is the Sudaruska, a sword that is heavy, risky and reckless to use if no practice or effort has been put into it. He also believes that to become a true Vanguard all the missions should be completed solo to prove worthy of the rank!


Aregoth started his journey in the summer of 2011. His favourite weapon is the plaguebringer, better known as the Obsidian Edge. He has a variety of swords and guns in his arsenal, but he does prefer to slash opponents face to face. You'll identify him by his ominous look and a snipe on his hat. Privately he's a coffeeholic!


Rezkid, also known as Rez, can usually be found doing Arcade runs or playing Blast Network. He loves his Dread Skelly Suit but don't be fooled! He is friendly! Rezkid loves lending a helping hand to strangers, friends and Guildies alike.


Hi! Im Hetzi and im currently writing my intro, this is a placeholder untill im done.


Peakyr, aka "peak" has been playing spiral knights since jan 2012. Many years ago he heard the roar of thunder and bumped into Brul in the clockworks, he knew then he wanted to join recon knights. Peakyr is up for pretty much anything clockworks and loves geeking out on the lore and mechanics. He often likes running the clockworks with his favourite (and not so trusty) dread venom striker.


Koekjje is a dutchie who has been playing since October 2011. When shortening his name please call him ´koek´ as opposed to ´koe´ or you will be calling him a cow in his own language and make him sad in the process. In the beginning he was fond of the shock status and set out to collect as many shock weapons as possible. Even to this day you can see him patrol the clockworks with his faithful voltedge in hand.



Retired Officers:


Honorary Members:


Guild Rules

Please note that these rules should not be considered exhaustive: Officers of the Guild may exercise their discretion in any event, and may punish bad behaviour even if it is not explicitly against the rules of the Guild.

Also you may be demoted and/or kicked from the Guild for breaching the rules or if you are inactive for more than 3 months. However, if you let the Guild Master or an Officer know that you are going to be inactive for a period of time then this may be waived.

1) You MUST be over 13 years of age: Under-13s will be barred from the Guild without exception. This is in line with Spiral Knights' Terms of Service (http://wiki.spiralknights.com/Terms_of_Service).

2) Please be respectful and polite. Try to, wherever possible, greet and bid farewell to your fellow members.

3) Bad language is not tolerated. This includes, but is not limited to, swearing and blasphemy. Please note that we have a rather conservative idea as to what does and what does not constitute swearing.

4) Do not take any action which would bring the Guild into disrepute.

5) Do not beg. We are happy to provide advice or assistance on runs when we can. However, do not ask for money, equipment, energy or revives.

6) Do not abuse the gobblesnipes. It has been done many a time before, and is not funny.

Misc information

  • Please be helpful to other members of the Guild on missions or runs and try to support your fellow party members as best as possible. For example:
    • unfreeze frozen party members
    • don't knock enemies into other party members
    • don't take action which will spawn more enemies when the party is already overwhelmed
    • If there are no minerals which you need, take some which the other party members need or, failing that, take the largest available
  • The red chairs in the lobby are reserved for Guild members of Veteran rank and above. Furthermore, some members have chairs they consider “theirs”. Please be respectful of this.
  • Donations to the Guild are appreciated, but not required or expected.
  • If you need anything from member storage, please put something back of similar value in return. If you require something of substantial value please ask the Guild Master or an Officer first.
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