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From the Release Notes:

An update will be released today that includes some new features:


You can now earn a wide variety of achievements in Spiral Knights. Achievements can be viewed on the Character Panel under the 'Achievements' tab. We plan on further developing our achievement system in the future, including adding more achievements in future updates.


The Heat Amplifier is now available from the Upgrade Merchant. This upgrade grants the user 20% extra heat for 48 hours.


  • Devilite Yesmen no longer drop loot as if they were defeated when they change jobs.
  • Devilite Pit Bosses now get demoted to grunts if they lose their work force.

The Starter Pack

A new energy package is available called 'The Starter Pack.' This energy package can be purchased one time per account. It contains 7500 crystal energy for 19.95 (the standard 19.95 package) but also includes:

  • 5 mist tanks
  • 1 heat amplifier
  • 2 trinket slot upgrades
  • 2 weapon slot upgrades
  • A 1* unique bomb, the Static Flash
  • A 1* unique shield, the Green Ward
  • A commemorative Artifact

All items are character-bound. The Static Flash and Green Ward have a chance for a unique variant as well, just as if they were crafted.

Gate Creation

  • Stratums no longer have a progress meter during the gate creation phase.
  • Stratums no longer lock after a certain point. Themes are decided based on whichever minerals are in that stratum the moment the gate launches. You can now continue to modify them up to the last second\!
  • Boosting has been removed. The boosting system was not working as intended. We are currently developing new methods for players to influence the autoselling of other players and have more control over the outcome of gates.
  • Mineral payouts have been modified to adjust to the new changes. The system will still pay out a maximum of 5 crowns for a needed mineral, but will pay less if it is not needed.

Auction House

  • If you are online, outbids don't generate mail, just a message and the crowns are directly deposited.
  • Listing fee rejigged; should be fairer for cheaper items
  • Allow sorting by lot size
  • Sorting by bidPrice/buyPrice now sorts by price per unit
  • Sorting by stars now defaults to a descending sort
  • Most searching changes now instantly update the search results, except for text search
  • The "my auctions" tab will now allow refreshing to see new data (and it automatically refreshes if switched-to and it has not been refreshed for a while)


  • Some adjustments were made to the Heat Acquired UI to show the amount of heat you acquired in a level


  • Canceled auctions will be purged.
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