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Roar of the Snarbolax

From the Release Notes:

A new update will be going out later today! It includes:

New Boss Stratum:

The Clockworks have just revealed a new, perilous boss stratum for Tier 1 Knights to challenge, The Gloaming Wildwoods. However new recruits should take heed - this dense forest is home to a fearsome creature known as the Snarbolax. Said to be a massive beast draped in living shadows, this dark predator enjoys toying with its prey before delivering the final blow. It is advised that only Knights who have mastered Tier 1 take on this formidable beast as those who have entered unprepared have never returned! Should you return from the Wildwoods victorious, with Frumious Fangs in hand, you'll find that Brinks has a new selection of 2* items available for trade. These include:

  • The Snarble Barb, a piercing sword that fires razor sharp barbs
  • The Spine Cone, a piercing bomb
  • The Bristling Buckler, a spiny shield that raises sword attack power

All three of these items can be further upgraded through 5* provided you acquire their recipes from Basil.


  • 2* Snarble Barb (token reward only)
  • 3* Twisted Snarble Barb
  • 4* Dark Thorn Blade
  • 5* Barbarous Thorn Blade


  • 2* Spine Cone (token reward only)
  • 3* Twisted Spine Cone
  • 4* Spike Shower
  • 5* Dark Briar Barrage


  • 2* Bristling Buckler (token reward only)
  • 3* Twisted Targe
  • 4* Dark Thorn Shield
  • 5* Barbarous Thorn Shield

New Mission Objectives:

Boss stratums now issue players an email upon entering from Spiral HQ requesting the recovery of an Alpha Squad recon module. Players will also get a new ‘current objective’ whenever they are in that boss stratum and have not yet completed the objective.

The end of each boss stratum features a recon module that issues players an artifact when the player interacts with it (approaching it and pressing the attack button).

The artifact will provide some insight in to the expedition of the Alpha Squad. The artifact can only be claimed once and is stored permanently in your arsenal.

Additional changes:


  • Fixed an issue on Emerald Axis II where it was possible to leave the gold key behind.
  • Replaced most health pads with heart blocks in Firestorm Citadel.
  • Fixed an issue whereby players would appear under the floor in Haven and Royal Jelly levels.


  • Fixed an issue preventing the Rigadoon and Flamberge series of weapons from applying their status damage during some charge attacks.
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