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Lockboxes, Accessories and More!

From the Release Notes:

Today's update introduces a host of exciting features. Get ready to customize your gear with accessories and spin the Prize Wheel!


Accessories are new items that can be augmented on to helmets or armor. There are hundreds of them to discover and include techno widgets like antennae and visors for your helmets, canteens and side blades for your armor and even holy auras and wings! All accessories come in a wide variety of colors and styles. The most common will match the standard armor color schemes and the rarer styles match color schemes like 'divine' and 'volcanic' gear. The rarest of all are the 'prismatic' accessories that recolor to your personal color.

Once you have an accessory, visit Bechamel, the Accessorizor on the far western side of the Haven Bazaar. Once an accessory is attached to gear, it is permanently attached unless removed by Bechamel, the Accessorizor. However, removing an accessory from gear will destroy the accessory in the process.

Accessories are divided by attachment location and can only be attached to gear that supports the attachment location. Not all gear can use all accessories. Consult the tooltips to determine which accessories can fit your gear. Locations include:

  • Helm Top
  • Helm Side
  • Helm Back
  • Helm Front
  • Armor Front
  • Armor Back
  • Armor Aura


You can now find Iron Lockboxes, a new usable item that, when opened, reveals a special prize! Iron Lockboxes are the only way to find accessories. Any player can find an Iron Lockbox and trade it with other players or put it up for sale on the Auction House. Additionally, any item found within an Iron Lockbox is also unbound and can be traded as well.

An Iron Lockbox requires a Silver Key to open. Silver Keys are purchasable from Boost, the Special Items Merchant located in Haven and every subtown. Once used, a Silver Key is destroyed. Silver Keys can also be traded and put up for sale on the Auction House.

The Prize Wheel

All Knights that complete levels in the Clockworks will now have an opportunity to spin the all-new Prize Wheel\! The Prize Wheel is displayed as your heat is tallied during the end of level report. There are all sorts of prizes to discover. Many of them are helpful boosts for your next floor like health or crowns, but the truly lucky players will be awarded Iron Lockboxes!

Lockboxes have the highest chance of appearing in Tier 3, followed by Tier 2 and then Tier 1.


  • New map! Ramparts: Use gates to open up paths for you and your allies or leave them closed to secure your territory! Use respawning fire pots to help you siege an enemy's CP!
  • New map! Furnace: Use water orbs to reveal new paths through this fiery arena!
  • UI: Arrow indicators added to the HUD, can be disabled in 'options'
  • UI: Killer Cam


  • Boost the Upgrades Merchant is now known as 'Boost the Special Items Merchant'
  • Boost the Special Items Merchant now sells Silver Keys, which open Lockboxes.
  • Bechamel, the Accessorizor has opened up shop in the Haven Bazaar.


  • Costume items may be sold for 1 crown to dispose of them.
  • Fixed bug where preset emotes (such as /lol) from muted players weren't being blocked.
  • Removed a short period of invulnerability after being hit by certain attacks in Lockdown
  • Fixed bonuses from showing up twice in item tooltips
  • Fixed an issue where players could potentially activate a loadout for PvP while in Lockdown
  • The "Allow Full Inspect" will now remain checked between sessions
  • Fixed Gravity bombs affecting teammates in Lockdown
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